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Handling Issues in Construction Projects Bid Preparation Evauluation Award of Contracts at PDC
Professional Development Center (PDC) organized a two-day training workshop on “Handling Issues in Construction Projects (Bid Preparation, Evaluation & Award of Contracts)” on 15th–16th January, 2015 at Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The objective of the workshop is to discuss real issues in actual projects implemented in Pakistan through practical examples and guidelines for approaching and handling these issues as a whole.
The workshop included different sessions. The session on ‘Bid Preparation, Evaluation and Award’ was organized by Engr. Liaqat Hayat. While Engr. Sajid A. Qureshi who is lawyer, explained the ‘FIDIC Conditions of Contract vs Applicable Law in Pakistan’, while Engr. Momin Ali shah discussed the reasons and remedies that ‘Why Projects get Delayed’. Lt. Col. ® Muhammad Azim elaborated procedures with particular reference to ICC and ICSID in the context of International Dispute Resolution with Case Studies. Representatives from the CWO, IESCO, GHQ, HMC, KSB pump comp. ltd, FWO and NDC participated in the said workshop.