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Emerging Trends, Threats and Solutions of Cyber Security
A one day workshop on Emerging Trends, Threats and Solutions of Cyber Security on 16th January, 2014 organized by PDC. After the opening address by Principal NILE, the session started with an introduction roundup and sharing of expectations by the participants. After the introductory session concluded, vigorous discussion was held on the Emerging trends in Cyber Security. The discussion focused on Introduction to Penetration Testing, Ethnical Hacking, Open-source Penetration Testing Tools and Threats & Vulnerabilities in Web Applications. The session also included hands-on lab training exercises on Thread Safety, Concurrency Flaws, Parameter Tampering and By-Passing Client-Side Validation.
The workshop also included discussion of Authentication Issues in Cyber-Systems and briefly discussed the matters of Authentication system, Dictionary Attacks, Using Time and Using Salting. Hands on training exercises were conducted on password Validation and OS password cracking using off-line attacks techniques to help the participants understand the major issues concerned with cyber attacks and how to protect systems against these attacks. At the end of the workshop, Emerging Cyber Security and Access Control Trends in Cloud Computing were discussed and the workshop concluded with the chief guest Principal RCMS, acknowledging the effort of PDC-NILE while summed up the core objectives achieved in the workshop.