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Major General Zia Uddin Najam HI(M) (Retd)
Pakistan is on the cusp of becoming an important regional power and a game changer in geo-politics. It is also fast emerging as politically and economically more stable and secure country in the post–‘war-on-terror’ era. While there are emerging political and economic opportunities, there are equally palpable hazards with long term consequences. Therefore, whatever the course Pakistan may adopt, it has to be thoughtfully analyzed and carefully chartered. We need to make long and medium term policies based on emerging realities, rational thinking and evolving knowledge of security, defense, terrorism, governance, economy and public policy, otherwise these will be of no substance.  In a seemingly interconnected but increasingly conflictual world with frequent unexpected and startling developments, it is critical that we have independent, unbiased and vibrant think tanks like GTTN with its unparalleled ability to look ahead and identifying and bridging the gaps between research, policy-making, and the public. I foresee GTTN to be an important window to the geo-strategic issues surrounding Pakistan.