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Research and Outreach Activities:

3. The U.S-Led International Developments And Effects On Pakistan And The Region

Working Paper Series:

1. Regional Geostrategic Challenges and Opportunities for China-Pakistan Cooperation.

2. National Energy, Trade, Transport, and Industrial Corridor (NTC) for National Development and Regional Cooperation including Western China.

3. Science, Technology, and Innovation-based Higher Education: China’s Sustained Development and Areas of Mutual Cooperation with Pakistan.

Monograph Series:

1. Paper on Sino-Pak Relations by Dr. Rifaat Hussain.

2. Militarization of Outer Space and its Impacts on Global Security Environment by Vladimir P. Kozin.

Opinion Paper Series:

1. The Economic Reform Agenda by Mr. Nasir Ali Shah Bukhari, Senior Fellow GTTN.

Speech/Public Talk Series:

1. Multidimensional Roadmap for Deepening and Broadening China-Pakistan Cooperation via Integrated and Holistic Approach, Keynote Speech by Dr. Akram Sheikh at the First Annual Meeting (2013) of China-Pakistan Think Tanks.

2. Pakistan: Fostering Regional Cooperation and Stability-Address by Mr. Amer Hashmi, President GTTN, at IISS, London.

Journal Articles:

1. Establishing National Science and Technology Park in Pakistan in World Techno polis Review, Vol. 1 No.4 2013 by Amer Hashmi and Ali Shah.

2. E-health Futures in Bangladesh in Foresight Vol. 15. No. 3, 2013 by Ali Shah and two external co-authors.

3. Building Resilient Communities in Pakistan, Anthology of SDPI 15th International Conference “Sustainable Development in South Asia-Shaping the Future” (2013), by Atia Ali Kazmi.

4. Factors for Science Park Planning, in World Techno polis Review 8th issue 2014, by Umer Wasim, Senior Research and Policy Analyst at GTTN.

Articles and Opinion Editorials:

1. Pakistan and the Culture of Disaster Risk Reduction, Article in Blue Chip Magazine by Atia Ali Kazmi.

2. WTA-UNESCO Consultative Workshop on NSTP, Article in Express Tribune.

3. Good Politics by Ali Shah

4. India-Pakistan Cooperation and Afghanistan beyond 2014, Opinion Editorial in Express Tribune by Atia Ali Kazmi

5. What the US and Pakistan must do now, Opinion Editorial in Express Tribune by Atia Ali Kazmi

6. Resolving the Pakistan-US Prisoner’s Dilemma, Opinion Editorial in Defense News (Washington DC) by Atia Ali Kazmi.