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NUST GTTN-IISS Panel Discussion on Evolving Regional Geo-Strategic Trends
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NUST Main Building, Conference Room 1
On 2nd December, 2014 witnessed National University of Sciences and Technology-NUST Global Think Tank Network-GTTN arrange a panel discussion with the International Institute for Strategic Studies-IISS, London, at NUST Main Campus, Islamabad under the title, Evolving Regional Geo-strategic trends in the Region. The panel consisted of experts from GTTN and IISS. The panelists were posed the question. Would emerging geo-strategic trends in South Asia and Afghanistan enhance or disrupt regional stability and security.
The moot question led to a detailed, interactive, and open discussion amongst the panelists and the audience – which itself comprised senior policymakers, military strategists, academics, researchers, and students – that led to the examination and clarification of the general direction of continuously developing geo-strategic trends in the region.
These trends, it was pointed out, had a dual existence in the region’s geopolitics. In the first place, they appeared as causes of the actions of various regionally active national, sub-national, and supra-national players. They, then, became effects of these actions and served as future building blocks in the geopolitical calculations of various states in the region. This generative causal chain ceaselessly impacted inter-state relations in the region and compelled policy makers and analysts to keep abreast of latest changes in direction of these trends. The tendency of these trends was primarily negative.