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Beijing Forum Islamabad 2016
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Beijing Forum-Islamabad was held on 24 – 26 May, 2016 in National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST). Forum not only commemorated sixty-five golden years of China-Pakistan friendship, but also focused on the contemporary cultural, political, strategic and economic trends and developments including China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). The Chinese Ministry of Education and the State Council have been supporting the meetings of the Beijing Forum annually since 2004. This event was the first to be held outside China and was jointly organized by NUST and the Peking University. The Forum is the apex event in China for envisioning global agenda setting for a prosperous future. It encourages study of humanities and social sciences in the Asia-Pacific region and facilitates international academic exchanges and trans-cultural discussions in order to foster social development, harmony between civilizations, and greater prosperity for mankind.

​Spread over three days, the Forum comprised two grand sessions, three plenaries, eleven panels, and one special roundtable during which civil-military hierarchy of Pakistan, senior statesmen, distinguished diplomats, corporate leaders, and eminent intellectuals from China and Pakistan, addressed the Forum. Equally distinguished and accomplished personalities from various walks of life attended. A few select thinkers from the rest of the world with top advisory responsibilities in their respective countries also participated.​