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Origin of the NUST GTTN

Think tanks are a key element in the global competition and collaboration for knowledge production and acquisition today amongst knowledge–producing actors. NUST Global Think-Tank Network (GTTN) is an international policy research, analysis and advocacy initiative that brings together Pakistan’s thought leadership on one platform for linking up with global intellectual excellence. Designed to utilize the dynamic and diverse knowledge generation and dissemination potential of NUST, GTTN has evolved gradually and can best be described as an emergent structure. The network approach has been adopted considering the interconnected and global nature of knowledge.

The first node of GTTN was launched on 16 January 2012 as China-Pakistan Joint Think Tank between NUST, Tsinghua University, Beijing, and Southwest University of Political Science and Law (SWUPL), Chongqing, China. The other nodes of GTTN shall consist of knowledge partnerships with renowned academic and non-academic think tanks in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and South America. The nodes have been envisioned on the basis of the belief that each region has followed a particular trajectory of socio-historical development which is in turn embodied in the various knowledge paradigms of the societies inhabiting each region. These paradigms are codified in the dominant systems of knowledge best represented by the higher education institutions of these regions. GTTN shall strive to bring these different knowledge paradigms together for helping solve regional and global problems through creating globally competitive knowledge for development, poverty reduction, economic growth, and social inclusion. GTTN and its activities strive to accommodate the commonalities and differences in stages of development of countries and societies across the world. Through its horizontal approach to collaboration, GTTN shall enable the different continental, regional, and national traditions of wisdom to converge at one platform for initiating a global dialogue on coming to terms with the common problems like poverty and development, conflict and war, urbanization, and economic and social inequality.

The emphasis of GTTN’s activities shall be the promotion of a multidisciplinary understanding of contemporary events to facilitate international, regional and domestic flows of ideas.  This engagement approach is inspired by a vision of the world in which the values of peace, prosperity, justice and harmony reign supreme as only such a world can ensure a free and fair development for all peoples, nations and states of our world.


To become a global network of think tanks for promoting  development, justice, peace, prosperity, and harmony at national, regional and global levels.​​​


To actively influence nation-building through regional and international knowledge-based collaboration.