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To become a global network of think tanks for promoting development, justice, peace, prosperity, and harmony at national, regional and global levels.


To actively influence nation-building through regional and international knowledge-based collaboration.
The Global Think Tank Network (GTTN), based in the National University of Sciences and Technology, aims to foster nation building through utilizing knowledge inputs for accelerating the processes of socioeconomic development in the country. GTTN is a fast developing academic think tank acting as a robust policy research, analysis, and advocacy forum for formulating correct and viable solutions to national problems.
GTTN is premised upon the concept of using knowledge to catalyze national and regional development and invite the cooperation of all willing domestic, regional, and global stakeholders, whether individuals or institutions, to bring into being forms of knowledge and practice that realize that which is rational and make rational that which is real.
GTTN takes specific measures for circulating these particular forms of practicable knowledge not only for domestic application but also for the benefit of regional community and policy making audiences. GTTN has been created as a proof of the commitment of NUST to contribute actively to national development. In this regard, GTTN’s policy research focus complements the University’s focus on producing state-of-the-art R&D - based products and solutions in Pakistan.


The GTTN functions under the following overarching objectives to: 

  • Formulate and promote multidisciplinary policy research and analysis and to become a center of excellence on matters relating to public policy. 
  • Seek diffusion of knowledge and expertise on effective policy making. 
  • Establish a global network of think tanks for promoting nation building together with development, justice, peace, prosperity and harmony at the national, regional and global levels.
  • Provide an efficient forum for carrying out research on inter alia policy matters such as geopolitics and international relations, poverty alleviation, global finance, productivity and technology-driven sustainable economic growth, large infrastructures, innovation, science parks, and higher education. 
  • Pursue the co-operation and assistance of professional bodies, and scientific and business communities in promoting awareness about effective policy-making. 
  • Foster co-operation and co-ordination with and between like-minded associations both locally and globally and to become affiliated with organizations.