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President's Message
The Global Think Tank Network (GTTN) has been established to obtain the wide-ranging benefits of collaborative knowledge generation with universities and thinks tanks around the world. Knowledge has become a critical success factor in the development of nations in the contemporary world. Dealing with various development-related challenges demands pragmatic knowledge-based formulation of multiple policy options. This available pool of viable policy choices can be sustained primarily through the spatial and virtual concentration of brilliant minds focused on particular issues demanding solutions.
Think tanks provide a well-designed brainstorming platform for such brilliant minds. Through this, they have traditionally served as the ideal means for developing a culture of open inquiry and engagement with the needs of societal progress. As multi-disciplinary sites of knowledge production, think tanks ensure institutional circulation of ideas, information and knowledge and critical outreach to wider public.

We are committed to creating an international culture of research excellence at GTTN. Our efforts in the short span of time since the creation of GTTN have borne fruit in this area. We have succeeded in gathering together preeminent people in academia, business, policy making and civil society on the platform of GTTN. These stars are actively collaborating with both our research team and international partners. We have facilitated extensive contact amongst our experts and international partners through multiple knowledge-based means. GTTN is also channeling expertise and resources for other key initiatives of NUST like NSTP. Suitable mechanisms aimed at creating sharing of resources have been drawn up for this purpose. 

GTTN will go a long way in creating a global culture of intellectual excellence at NUST and beyond. As a flexible multi-disciplinary policy research and analysis initiative, GTTN is designed: to complement our strong S&T-based R&D framework; lead to new research at NUST; and allow us to forge linkages between universities and think tanks in Pakistan and our international partners. The network approach aiming to collaborate with universities and think tanks in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and South America shall allow us to connect to international knowledge hubs located in different countries around the world.

We are making GTTN a place where innovative ideas flourish and lead to sustainable policies and practices in Pakistan and beyond.