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Cover and Thank you Letters

Writing a resume is just one step in what can be termed a daunting job search process, but it is an important element in the chain of events that lead you to your new position.

A cover letter is also an essential tool for stepping into the job market.

Cover Letter

A good covering letter contains:

  • An announcement that resume is enclosed
  • An aim to persuade the employer that candidate is the right person for the job
  • Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

  • A cover letter should be only one-page long

  • Keep it simple, smart and easy to read - using the same font and style as used in resume

  • Make it personal

  • Decide what makes you unique

  • Think about specifics

  • Flaunt your achievements

  • Use plenty of white space to give cover letter a lift

    • Use blank lines between paragraphs.

    • Leave enough space for margins

  • Cover letter should be error free

    • Proofread cover letter 

     Proofreading by good a spellchecker- sometimes a fresh set of eyes- can catch a mistake you have overlooked.