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Head of Department Profile

Mrs. Atiya Zulfiqar

Deputy Director, Career Development Centre

Tel: 051-90851211,


Versatile career Mentor at NUST with over 9 years experience working in a student-focused learning environment developing students and graduates interpersonal and communication skills by using creative teaching methodologies and skilled in working with diverse student classrooms including military personnel and implementing instructional best practices.

Core Qualifications:

  • Expertise in developing course outlines for interpersonal and communication skills
  • Managing classroom for diverse populations of over 20 Schools and Colleges of NUST
  • Teaching, tutoring and counseling under graduate and graduate students
  • Strong Collaborator
  • Innovative lesson planning
  • Tailoring curriculum plans
  • Positive learning environment
  • Achievements:

    Student Development

    Established and developed an institutionalized Career Development Centre with three department’s i.e.Soft Skills, Industrial Relations and Alumni office NUST from a small Internship Placement office with a work force of 6 officers and focusing on teaching modules for improving student personnel.

    Material Development:

    Created and written Entrepreneurship and Internship Placement policies, approved by 22nd Academic Council of NUST targeting students and graduates to create an engaging educational experience to focus on developing business opportunities.


    Delivered over 100 training modules on Soft Skills across all campuses of NUST to ensure smooth adoption of career enhancement skills by students and graduates.

    Introduced new learning methods like video aids and activities to ensure total comprehension for all students.

    Developed new strategies to help graduates be better equipped for job market like holding career fairs, recruitment drives, employer sessions and talent hunt expo’s.

    Education Strategies:

    Employed special educational strategies and techniques like Alumni talk series, industrial mentors and mock interviews to help students and graduates understand the industrial market needs.