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Strategies and Evaluation Tips

Five Key Strategies

Following are the five key strategies in order to win an Interview. These strategies will help a person to go through an interviewing phase in a smooth manner.

  • Know yourself and your professional attributes, and be able to describe how you can make contributions and add value.
  • Understand the interpersonal dynamics of interviewing.
  • Prepare carefully for each and every interview.
  • Be meticulous about follow-up activities, such as letters and phone calls.
  • Maintain an affirmative, constructive point of view during interviews – and their aftermath.
  • The Closing

    If you sense the interviewer is trying to close the interview and you are interested in the position, briefly highlight your relevant skills and reaffirm your interest in the position. Add a thank you note before leaving.

    Post Interview Self Evaluation

    Think about the interview and learn from the experience in order to evaluate yourself. Evaluate the success and failures by asking yourself these questions:

  • What points did I make that seemed to interest the employer?
  • Did I present my qualifications well? Did I overlook qualifications that were important for the job?
  • Did I learn all I needed to know about the job?
  • Did I talk too much? Too little?
  • Was I dressed appropriately?
  • Did I effectively close the interview?
  • The more you learn from the interview, the easier the next one will become. You will become more confident. Make a list of specific ways you can improve your next interview.

    Additional Tips

  • Do not be a clock watcher.
  • Do not discuss illegal or discriminatory subjects such as race, religion, age, national origin, equal rights or gender.
  • Dress a step above what you would wear on the job.
  • Keep It in Perspective

  • Don’t take rejection personally
  • Maintain a balance between job search and everyday routine
  • Remind yourself of your skills and accomplishments
  • Use your resources
  • Be persistent - you will find employment.