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Mistakes avoided in Job Search

Common Job Search Mistakes

  • Relying on one strategy
  • Lack of focus/career objective
  • Failure to identify and use network
  • Targeting only large employers
  • Failure to follow–up
  • Unprofessional materials/appearance
  • Impersonal approach
  • Underestimate time needed to search
  • Keep It in Perspective

  • Don’t take rejection personally…
  • Maintain a balance between job search and everyday routine
  • Remind yourself of your skills and accomplishments
  • Use your resources
  • Be persistent - you will find employment
  • Job Search Rules

    Rules For Survival:

  • Use several different methods
  • Go face-to-face with people
  • Work on your interviewing technique
  • If no job offers- be willing to take temporary jobs
  • Apply for the position that you are qualified for