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Course Description

The field of industrial and manufacturing engineering is inherently practical in nature. Unless academic and practical applications go hand in hand, young engineers cannot be successful in their professional careers. The programme is designed to build a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of engineering practices, manufacturing processes, control systems, CAD/CAM, etc. It also provides students with broad intellectual tooIs and skills of production technology, total quality management, ergonomics, operational research and computer-integrated manufacturing, which are essential for professional engineers. Two internships in industry and 6 credit hours of project work provide students with a platform to demonstrate their competence in acquired methodologies and skills to enhance real-time industrial and manufacturing performance.

Associated Careers

Graduates find themselves in a healthy job market where their knowledge and skills are applicable to a multitude of concerns. Presently, industrial engineers are one of the most sought-after human resources in industrial sectors; local and international.