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National Health Sciences-Research Symposium
The National Health Sciences Research Symposium (NHSRS) is being held at the Aga Khan University from 4th to 6th November 2016, and the theme is dedicated to the challenges, advancements, and questions of Neurosciences.

The Short Film Competition is open to all undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate students from all over Pakistan. The details of the competition can be found on our official 

website:https: //

The link to our Facebook event page is as follows:

Submission Guidelines:

A short film must not exceed 5 minutes (including the opening titles and end credits) and be in English.
All short film entries must be original.
The short film may be a live action, a stop motion, or an animated film.
Each participant/group/team is allowed to submit only one entry.
Any short film which has been submitted in another competition previously cannot compete in this competition.
The short film must be based on one of the following themes:
"My disease and I.”
Talks with the shrink.
Mind and Brain Symposium 2050: What does the future hold?
(These themes may be interpreted in any way and the short film may be of any genre.)

Each short film shall be judged on the following criteria:
Relevance to the theme
Plot and Script
The film shall be uploaded on Google Drive and the link emailed at:
The following details are to be included in the e-mail:
Name(s) of the film maker
Primary contact number
Title of the short film
Upon confirmation of your registration and submission, each participant will receive a confirmation e-mail.
All correspondence shall be done via the e-mail from which the short film was first submitted and one primary contact number.

Winners will receive shields, certificates, and great monetary prizes!

Note: Participants do not need to attend the symposium in order to be eligible to participate in the competition and are only required to send in their submissions.

Important dates:

The deadline for submissions is 20th October 2016.

NHSRS: 4th to 6th November 2016.