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Civic Innovation Fellows

Dear Alumni,

Pakistan Innovation Foundation - PIF's initiative Karachi Civic Innovation Lab (KCIL) is offering paid internships to graduates. Details are as follows:

Program: Civic Innovation Fellows - Graduates

Deadline to Apply for fellowship: 1st June, 2017

FOUR (4) PAID FELLOWSHIPS will be offered to recent graduates or graduate students who have worked on an innovative civic idea (or have one they want to work on) that can help solve one of the many pressing problems of Karachi. KCIL Civic Innovation Fellows should be willing to spend 4 months working full-time on their ideas and deliver a pre-defined output/outcome as per a mutually agreed upon work plan. The fellows shall be offered a fellowship ‘stipend’ equivalent to market competitive salaries for young graduates for the duration of the fellowship.CIF.jpg
 KCIL’s Civic Innovation Fellowships are designed to provide an opportunity for young civic innovators – ideally recent graduates but the programme is open to other possibilities too – who may want to work with KCIL to develop an idea, project, or a venture over a period of 3-4 month. KCIL Civic Innovation Fellowship is a great opportunity for recent graduates with relevant ideas, projects, or aspirations to quickly brush up their skill-sets under the guidance of a capable team and mentors to explore alternate career options or use this time as a ‘bridge’ opportunity to become ‘job-ready’ while at the same time doing good for the City.

Under certain circumstances for a very relevant project, a final year student may also become a Civic Innovation Fellow provided he/she commits to taking his/her final year project beyond what is required for his/her undergraduate degree. Civic Innovator Fellow(s) will then be expected to transform their ideas and visualisations into a fully deployable product within the span of their fellowship.

Fellows shall be selected by mid-June 2017 and Fellowship period shall be from July – October 2017.