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We are working on an initiative - 101 Acts of Kindness - to raise fee for 101 brilliant, yet financially challenged students who made it to NUST this year. These students can not continue their studies without your support.

The rhetoric is simple: We need only 4000 generous supporters who can do a small act of Kindness. Similar to any other charitable activity, we are going to celebrate our donors with free movie tickets, and other NUST discounts in Islamabad.

Basically, there are three types of donation packages where you can contribute in as many as 3 monthly installments.
i. PKR 1500 (500 x 3)
ii. PKR 2400 (800 x 3)
iii. PKR 4500 (1500 x 3)

You might as well be thinking what is in it for you?

Well, apart from the intrinsic satisfaction of playing a part in creating a better future for this nation, we will also be providing our generous supporters with small tokens of appreciation.

We are doing this for a cause, and you can help in making it reach its target outcomes. Trust us when we tell you that your kindness is going to make all the difference in the world.

Let us rise by lifting others.

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