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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Dr Ashfaq Ahmad Malik
Associate Professor
Department of Management Information Systems

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
PNS Jauhar, Habib Ibrahim Rehmatullah Road, Karachi – 75350, Pakistan
Tel : 021-48503214, +92-333-3110806

Networking/Information Security

PhD(Electrical Engg), ME(Computer Systems), BE(Electrical)

Dr. Ashfaq completed his PhD (Electrical Engineering) from PNEC, NUST in 2017. He did ME(Computer Systems) from NEDUET, Karachi in 2003 and BE (Electrical) from PNEC, NEDUET, Karachi in 1994. Dr. Ashfaq also completed Weapon Engineering Application Course(WEAC) from PNEC, Karachi in 1998.
• Project Director of WE School Management System and Web Portal (SMSWP) (Jan-Aug 2018).
• Project Director of E-mail System at WE School PNS KARSAZ for training and education purposes (Nov 2017 - Aug 2018).
• Project Director of Online Examination System at PNS KARSAZ (Jan - Aug 2018). 
• Project Director for Installation, Set to Work and Commissioning of CIWS Blk-1B VISTA Trainer at WE School PNS KARSAZ (Jan 2017 - Aug 2018).
• Project Director for Installation, Configuration and STW of HP G9 Servers and utilizing ESXi Hypervisor at Mini Data Center at WE School PNS KARSAZ for ensuring High Availability (Jan - Aug 2018).
• Project Director of VoIP Server/ System to be used for training/ education purposes at WE School PNS KARSAZ (Nov 2017 - Aug 2018).
• Project Director for Installation, Configuration and Commissioning of Integrated Library System (ILS) Koha at WE School and extending it to other libraries at PNS KARSAZ (Jul 2017 - Jul 2018).
• Project Director for Installation, Configuration and Commissioning of Network Operation Center (NOC) through Dude NMS (an OSS) for network monitoring and Control of WE School Intranet at PNS KARSAZ. The same will be used for training purposes of relevant trades (Nov 2017 - Mar 2018).
• Design of Digital Engine Order and Telegraph System for PN Gearing Class Destroyers(1997).
• Integration of various Crypto Devices with different radio transmission equipment(2001). 
• Successful Transmission/Retrieval of Ionospheric Data from SUPARCO (2001).
• Successful first ever ISO 9000 certification of Pakistan Naval Academy(1999).
 Paper titled “Role of Trainers & Simulators in Technical Training and Efficacy of CBTs as their Replacement in PN” presented and published in proceedings of Commander Karachi (COMKAR) Training Seminar 2018 held at PNEC, NUST, Karachi, Pakistan (25 May 2018)

• PhD Thesis titled "A Framework of an Ad-hoc, Secure Trustworthy (FAST) Command Control Communications Computer Intelligence (C4I) System using COTS and Open Source Software (OSS)" submitted to PNEC-NUST as partial fulfillment of Degree of Doctors of Philosophy. (05 Sep 2017).

• Article titled "Practical Implementation and Analytical Evaluation of Ad-hoc Networking Projects to Build a MANET based Collaborative System" published in Ad Hoc & Sensors Wireless Networks (AHWSN) Journal an ISI indexed Journal published by Old City Publishing Inc. USA. (02 Apr 2017).

• Article titled "Evaluation of OLSR Protocol Implementations using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)" published in International Journal of Advanced Computer Science and Applications (IJACSA) an ISI indexed Journal published by Science and Information (SAI) Organization UK. (Nov 2016).

• Paper titled “Implementing MANET for Trustworthy Collaboration using OSS and Android based COTS Devices” presented and published in proceedings of IEEE CTS-2016 International Conference held at Orlando, Florida, USA (31 Oct – 04 Nov 2016)

• Article titled "Implementing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) in Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET) - Analyzing its Features Regarding Efficiency and Security" published in IET Journal of Engineering (JOE) an ESCI Journal. 2014.

Publication of book chapter titled “Application of Cyber Security in Emerging C4ISR Systems” in a book titled “Crisis Management: Concepts, Methodologies, Tools, and Applications” published by IGI Global Publishers USA (2014)-DOI 10.4018/978-1-4666-4707-7.ch086

• Paper titled “Secure Geo-Sharing in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks” Presented & published in proceedings of IEEE CTS-2012 International Conference held at Westin Westminster Hotel Denver,  Colorado, USA  (21-25 May 2012)

• Publication of book chapter titled “Application of Cyber Security in Emerging C4ISR Systems” in a book titled “Cyber Security Standards, Practices and Industrial Applications: Systems and Methodologies published by IGI Global Publishers USA (2012)-ISBN 978-1-60960-851-4, Indexed in SCOPUS

• Acceptance of Paper titled “Application of Cyber Security in Emerging C4ISR Systems” for presentation in NCW2011 conference at Crystal Gateway Marriot, Virginia, USA(Jan 2011).
07 Nov 2018-Till to-date PN Engg College(PNEC), National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), PNS AUHAR Karachi
Instructor/ Associate Professor/ Faculty Member MIS Department NUST-PNEC
 Operating Systems
 Data & Computer Networks

21 Nov 2016-06 Nov 2018 WE School, PNS KARSAZ, Karachi
Chief Instructor/ Officer Incharge/ Principal Weapon Engineering School, PNS KARSAZ, Karachi
Organizing various training seminars/ conferences at School Level 
Authored a paper and presented in PN Training Seminar 2018
Revision of various Basic DAE, Mid-Career and Advance Courses of Weapon Engineering and related technologies
Executed & Implemented various projects related to improvement in training and education methodology

27 Sep 2009-05 Sep 2017   PNEC, Karachi
PhD Scholar of National University of Science & Technology (NUST) at PN Engg College(PNEC), Karachi 
Teaching Assistant to Dr Athar Mahboob TI for various courses
2013-2011: PN Fleet HQ, Karachi: Manager C4I Systems
Managed, Executed and Implemented various C4I/ NCW related projects of PN

2008-2012: NCMA, Karachi: Manager Configuration at Naval Configuration Management Authority(NCMA), Karachi
Managed, Executed and Implemented various Integrated Logistics Support and Configuration Management of PN Ships and Systems

2005–2008: Naval Headquarters, Islamabad

2004–2005: PN Telecomm(South), Karachi
System Engineer Optical Fiber
- Worked on Mega Project of laying of OFC along Coastal Highway.
- Worked on Projects related to laying of OFC spurs in Karachi and Sindh.
- Maintenance of PN OFC Network/ Transmission equipment.

2001–2002: Naval Precision Electronics Complex (NPEC), Karachi
Manager PCB Repair Facility
- Working experience on state of the art electronics test equipment and ATEs
- Record number of PCBs were repaired in year 2002 

1998-1999: Pakistan Naval Academy, Karachi
Electrical Officer PNS RAHBAR/ Instructor Electrical Engg
- Implemented ISO -9000 at Pakistan Naval Academy
- Key member of ISO-9000 certification team as Document Controller/ Internal Auditor