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Sereen Atif
Department of Engineering Sciences

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
NUST - PNEC Habib Ibrahim Rehmatullah Road, Karachi
Tel : +92-21-48503069

Robotics, Control and Automation.

MS in Mechatronics Engineering, Air University, Islamabad Pakistan. BE in Mechatronics Engineering, Air University, Islamabad Pakistan.

Ms. Sereen Atif has done her BE in 2008 and MS in 2014 in the field of Robotics from Air University, Islamabad. She has rendered her services to Air University for six years. She joined PNEC NUST in early 2015 in ES Department. She has published her work and research in many local and international conferences. ​
-   Robotics and Path Planning of Autonomous Mobile Robot
-   Control and Automation
-   Industrial Automation (CNC’s and PLC’s)
-   Instrumentation and Measurement Systems
•    Sereen Atif, Z. Kausar. 2014. Mathematical Modeling and Design Analysis of Steer-By-Wire (SBW) System for Ground Based Vehicles. October 16-18, International Conference on Automotive and Vehicle Technology (AVTECH’ 14) organized by DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Centre) at Yildiz Institute of Technology, Istanbul, Turkey.
•    Sereen Atif, Z. Kausar, Z. Koreshi. 2014. Modified Two Node Obstacle Avoiding Algorithm.  October 13-15, International Conference on Controls and Technology (CONTECH’ 14) organized by DAKAM (Eastern Mediterranean Academic Research Centre) in Istanbul, Turkey.

•    A.H.K. Tareen, Z. Kausar, Sereen Khalid, N. Shoaib and M. F. Ramzan. 2007. Modeling of a Steer-By-Wire System of Vechicles. May 8-9, symposium on CCIS held at CIIT Abootabad, Pakistan; pp.16.

•    Sereen Khalid, A.H.K.Tareen, Z.kausar, N.Shoaib and M.F.Ramzan. 2008. Chasis Analysis of Steer-By-Wire System Vehicle. Symposium on CCIS held at CIIT Abbottabad, Pakistan.
Over 7 years of teaching experience in the following universities
•    NUST, Karachi, Pakistan
•    Air University, Islamabad

 Lab Courses taught:

 Mechanical Engineering​ 

•    Instrumentation and Measurement Systems
•    Fluid Mechanics
•    Workshop Technology
•    Mechanics of Materials
•    Machine Design
•    Thermodynamics
•    Heat and Mass Transfer and HVAC Lab

 Electrical & Electronics Engineering

•    Analog Electronics
•    Electromechanical Systems
•    Control Engineering
•    Embedded Systems
•    Digital Logic Design

 Mechatronics Engineering

•    Industrial Mechatronics
•    Robotics Lab
•    Industrial Automation Lab