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Asad Ali Zaidi (Pursuing PhD in China)
Department of Engineering Sciences

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Habib Ibrahim Rehmatullah Road, Karachi
Tel : +92-21-48503023

Power and Energy Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

PhD Power & Energy Engineering Harbin Engineering University, China;MBA Marketing, Karachi University MS Materials Engineering, NED University

Teaching was something that naturally came to him even as a student and Engr. Asad Ali Zaidi is forever grateful that this got to be his profession as well. Asad Ali Zaidi graduated with a Mechanical Engineering degree from NUST in 2008 and secured 1st position during his Masters. He started his professional career from a National Corporation, Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Ltd as a Design Engineer and quickly stepped up to the position of Assistant Manager Projects. He then joined a leading national conglomerate Candyland Pakistan which is the largest confectionery company in Pakistan as Assistant Manager Utilities & Maintenance.

He joined NUST in 2014 and formally stepped into teaching profession. By virtue of his practical experience, he is able to correlate theory contents with practical applications. He is ISO Coordinator of Engineering Sciences Department while also being an active member of College Advisory Council for the implementation of Outcome Based Education (OBE) as desired by Pakistan Engineering Council. Asad Ali Zaidi received Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC) scholarship and his PhD in Power Engineering and Engineering Thermo physics is currently underway at Harbin Engineering University, Harbin, China.
-    Modern Composite Materials
-    Tribology
-    Bioenergy and Biofuels
-    Renewable Energy
-    Energy Policy & Management
1.    N. Saleh, K. Mushtaq, A.A.Zaidi, S. Faiz Ahmed, Design and Performance analysis of a Solar Powered Hybrid Rickshaw for commercial use in Pakistan, Journal of Environmental Science and Technology, ANSInet, ISSN: 1994-7887, DOI: 10.3923/jest.2016.472.480, October – 2016
2.    Kashif Mushtaq, A.A. Zaidi, S. Faiz Ahmed, Manufacturing Cost Optimization for Mass Scale Production of a Floating Dome Type Portable Biogas Plant for Domestic Use in Pakistan, Biotechnology, ANSInet, ISSN: 1682-296X. DOI: 10.3923/biotech.2016.112.118, August - 2016
3.    Kashif Mushtaq, Asad A. Zaidi, Jawid Askari. Design and performance analysis of floating dome portable biogas plant for domestic use in Pakistan. Journal of Sustainable Energy Technologies & Assessment (SETA) Elsevier  ISSN: 2213-1388 Vol. 14,, April – 2016
4.    S. Wahaj Ali, Ali Hadi, Asad A. Zaidi, Architectural Design of Power Generating Leaf Shade Building, 23rd HVACR Conference & Expo, Karachi Expo Centre, Karachi, Pakistan, March -2016
5.    Muhammad Faizan, Humair Ahmed, S. M Mohsin Jafri, Syed Asad Ali and Azhar Mahmood. In-situ electrochemical investigations of monitoring pitting corrosion potential of passivated steel under diverse Cl- anion stress and its microstructural evaluation. The Journal of Corrosion Science and Engineering, University of Manchester, ISSN 1466-8858, Volume 19, January 2016.
6.    Syed Asad Ali Zaidi, Azhar Mahmood, Ashraf Ali. Appraisal of sacrificial anode malperformance due to polarity reversal of galvanic coupling between mild steel and zinc in hot sodium bicarbonate (NaHCO3) solution. The Journal of Corrosion Science and Engineering, University of Manchester, ISSN 1466-8858, Volume 18, July 2015.
Over 3 years of teaching experience in NUST, PNEC Karachi, Pakistan

Courses taught:
-   Engineering Drawing & Graphics
-   Computer Aided Design
-   Engineering Statics
-   Materials Engineering
-   Thermodynamics
-   Renewable Energy
Over 4 years of industry work experience in Design & Construction, Operation & Maintenance in the following organizations:
-    Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Ltd (Assistant Manager Projects)
o    Technically assisting Ship Building, Ship Repair and Quality Control departments for Installation, Fabrication, Commissioning, Troubleshooting, Maintenance, Modification, Overhaul and Trails of HVACR, Sea-water & Fire-fighting system, Hydraulics, Safety & Deck-machinery (crane, winch, towing hook etc).
-    Candyland Pakistan (Assistant Manager Utilities & Maintenance)
o    Managing scheduled and breakdown maintenance of whole PET film producing machinery including vacuum pumps, extruders, MDO, TDO, Slittering and Metallized coating Machines.