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Thermodynamics Laboratory
Thermo-lab is developed for demonstrating and understanding of the laws of Heat  Transfer and thermodynamics. The training units are available in order to help the students understand the processes of heat transfer between fluids and solids, While the thermodynamics section covers working mechanism of heat pumps, steam engine mechanism and different refrigeration and air conditioning cycles. The lab also has cut-out Engine modules (both petrol and diesel IC engines) to give an in-depth understanding of the working of IC engines. A combustion unit is also present for testing of different gases under controlled combustion processes. Heat Transfer equipment based on the principles of conduction, convection and radiation has also been successfully deployed in this lab as per the curriculum requirement.
Thermodynamics Lab.jpg
The laboratory includes thermal conduction system, centrifugal compressor test rig, petrol engine test bed, natural convection and radiation apparatus, and variable compression engine and cross flow heat exchanger. And for the better understanding of vapour compression and vapour absorption cycles we have compression trainer and absorption trainer.