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Machine Shop

Engineering Workshop-I (Machine Tools)

For this workshop, state-of-the-art and highly accurate lathe and milling machines have been procured from international vendors to provide our students with hands-on experience on the lines of industrial trends. The coursework is aimed to enhance the students learning in machining of wood and metal parts as they are processed at industrial workshops. The variety of cutting tools available in the machine shop allow students to perform various operations including facing, turning, parting, threading, drilling, boring, knurling, slab milling, face milling and many more.

Engineering Workshop-II (Metal-work & Bench-fitting)

This section of the workshop has been designed to educate our students in bench fitting works carried out by hand tools. Students are made to practice essential wood and metal working jobs. A wide range of hand tools like chisels, planers, hand saws, mallets, files, marking gauges etcetera, are available for the students so that they can learn to perform related functions and eventually understand various jobs that are carried out manually. This is geared towards their understanding of Engineering Management on the shop-floor.

Engineering Workshop-III (Welding)

This shop has been equipped with Oxyacetylene Flame, Metal Inert/Active Gas and Electric Arc welding equipment. Under the guidance of trained instructors, students are taught to perform welding operations to form metallic joints. The hands-on approach in this lab coursework is essential for their managerial role later on in the industries.

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