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Fluid Laboratory
Thermo-fluid lab is developed for demonstrating and understanding of the laws of fluid mechanics and thermodynamics. The training units are available in order to help the students understand the mechanisms of fluids such as those presented in Bernoulli theorem, the venture principle, turbines, and characteristics of pumps in their different modes of functioning. While the The purpose of fluid mechanics laboratory is to examine the properties of fluid and to experimentally investigate the behaviour of both compressible and incompressible fluids at various condition. The fluid mechanics lab is an indispensable supplement to the theory.

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It covers measuring devices and techniques, error analysis in experimental works and analysis of assumption in the theory of fluid mechanics

Our experimental facilities are equipped with hydrodynamic lubrication unit, hydrodynamic flow visualization channel, hydraulic bench, air distribution system, pipe friction Bernoulli’s , venture, orifice tank, impact of jet and wear tank, flow visualization channel, nozzle distribution unit  also dynamo meter complete set for ship stability.