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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Dr Salman Nisar
Assistant Professor

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
PNEC National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST) Karachi Campus
Tel : +922148503039

Advanced Manufacturing Technologies

PhD (Mechanical Engineering)

Dr  Salman Nisar has  been  working  as  an  Assistant  Professor in  the department  of  industrial  manufacturing engineering and management at  Pakistan Navy Engineering  College,  National  University  of  Sciences  and  Technology, Pakistan.

He did masters in advanced manufacturing technology and systems management and pursued doctorate in mechanical engineering with research focus on laser machining from the University of Manchester, UK.
List of research projects supervised:
1. Effect of Strain Rate & Welding Parameters on structural Performance of Butt Fusion Welds in HDPE
2. Analysis of Factors Affecting the Reliability of Refurbished Transformers at K-Electric Transformer Workshop
3. Optimization of Metal Cutting Process Parameters while Machining AISI Steel
4. Process FMEA in Electronics Contract Manufacturing 
5. Optimization of ASTM A36 Low Carbon Steel using Austempering Heat Treatment Process
6. Enhancement in Mechanical Properties of LM25 Aluminum Alloy
7. Optimization of machining parameters for ADC10 Aluminium Alloy using Taguchi Technique
8. To determine the Overall Equipment Effectiveness of Tyre Curing Press and to Investigate the Causes of its Reduction
9. Reducing Residual Stresses for optimal Machining of Al-6061 (T-6) alloy through Re-heating technique
10. Sigma level evaluation of chocolate production line using DMAIC approach
11. Reduction of Changeover Time in Pressure Die Casting Process
12. Facility Layout Optimization using Value Stream Mapping for Porta Cabin Manufacturing Industry
13. Feasibility Study for the Implementation of Smart House Project and Working on Net Metering Smart Grid
14. Improving Production Using VSM in an Automobile Parts Manufacturing Company 
15. To optimize productivity of Electronic Queue Management System Controllers in Wavetec
16. Damage Detection using Lamb Wave Technique for Structural Health Monitoring 
17. Optimizing an Off-set printing press through Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) calculation 
18. Effect of Hybrid Fiber Reinforcements on Torsional Strength of Carbon Fiber Hollow Shafts 
19. Optimization of Process Parameters for Laser Welding of AA5083 of aluminium alloy 
20. Facility Layout Optimization of Exhaust Muffler Manufacturing using Discrete Event Simulation

Articles published in Science Citation Indexed Journals


1.  Salman Nisar, M. A. Sheikh, Lin Li and Shakeel Safdar, “Effect of Thermal Stresses on Chip-free Diode Laser Cutting of Glass” (2009), Optics and Laser Technology, Vol:41 (3), pp:318-327.

Impact factor: 1.64

2.  Salman Nisar, Lin Li, M. A. Sheikh and Andrew Pinkerton, “The Effect of Continuous and Pulsed Beam Modes on Cut Path Deviation in Diode Laser Cutting of Glass” (2010), The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology, Vol:49 (1), pp:167-175.

Impact factor: 1.12

3.  Salman Nisar, M. A. Sheikh, Lin Li, Andrew Pinkerton and Shakeel Safdar, “The Effect of Laser Beam Geometry on Cut Path Deviation in Diode Laser Chip-free Cutting of Glass” (2010), Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering (ASME), Vol:132 (1), pp:11002-11010.

Impact factor: 0.60

4.  Salman Nisar, M. A. Sheikh, Lin Liand Shakeel Safdar, “The Effect of Material Thickness, Laser Power and Cutting Speed on Cut Path Deviation in High-Power Diode Laser Chip-free Cutting of Glass” (2010), Optics and Laser Technology, Vol:42 (6), pp:1022-1031.

Impact factor: 1.64

5.  Salman Nisar, Lin Li and M. A. Sheikh “Laser Glass Cutting Techniques – A Review” (2013), Journal of Laser Applications, Vol:25 (4), pp: 042010_1 - 042010_11

Impact factor: 0.57

6.  Salman Nisar, Sohaib Z Khan, Muhammad Ali, Lin Li and M. A. Sheikh “Comparison of Cut Path Deviation Between CO2 and Diode Lasers in Float Glass Cutting” (2014), Journal of Russian Laser Research, Vol:35 (2) , pp: 182-192

Impact factor: 0.71

7. M. A. Khan, S. Z. Khan, W. Sohail, H. Khan, M. Sohaib and Salman Nisar “Mechanical Fatigue in Aluminium at Elevated Temperature and Remaining Life Prediction based on Natural Frequency Evolution” (2015), Journal of Fatigue and Fracture of Engineering Materials and Structures, Vol:38 (8) , pp: 897-903

Impact factor: 0.86

8.  M. Bilal Kadri, Salman Nisar, Sohaib Zia Khan, Waqar A  Khan “ Comparison of ANN and Finite Element Model for the Prediction of Thermal Stresses in Diode Laser Cutting of Float Glass” (2015),  International Journal for Light and Electron Optics, Vol: 126 (9), pp 1959-1964.

Impact factor: 0.67

9.  A

rsalan Qasim, Salman Nisar, Aqueel Shah, Saeed Khalid and Mohammed A Sheikh “Optimization of process parameters for machining of AISI-1045 steel using Taguchi design and ANOVA” (2015), Simulation Modelling Practice and Theory, Vol: 59, pp: 36-51.

Impact factor: 1.38

10.  Saeed Khalid, Salman Nisar, Armin Troesch, “Radiation and Diffraction Velocity Potentials for Multi-Hulled Vessels in 2D” (2016), Arabian Journal for Science and Engineering, Vol: 41(11)  pp: 4573-4582


Impact factor: 0.34

11.  Abdul Rafey Khan, Salman Nisar, Aqueel Shah, Muhammad Ali Khan, Sohaib Zia Khan, Mohammed A. Sheikh “Reducing Machining Distortion in AA 6061 Alloy through Re-heating Technique” (2017), Journal of Materials Science and Technology, Vol:33 (6), pp: 731-737. 


Impact factor: 0.95


12.  M.Z. Siddiqui, S.Z. Khan, M.A. Khan, M. Shahzad, K.A. Khan, , Salman Nisar, D. Noman, “A Projected Finite Element Update Method for Inverse Identification of Material Constitutive  Parameters  in  transversely  Isotropic  Laminates”(2017),  Experimental Mechanics, Vol:57 (5), pp: 755-772


Impact factor: 1.76


Articles published in other Journals

1.  Ahmed Faraz, Salman Nisar and Muhammad Amir Khan “Effect of Welding Parameters on Structural Performance of Fusion Welded Extruded and Injection Molded HDPE Joints” (2014), Journal of Space Technology, Vol: 4 (1), pp 114-119. (ISSN 2077-3099)



   Najeeb Niazi, Salman Nisar and Aqueel Shah “Austempering Heat Treatment of AISI 4340 Steel and Comparative Analysis of Various Physical Properties at Different Parameters” (2014), International Journal of Multidisciplinary Sciences and Engineering, Vol: 5 (10), pp 6-11. (ISSN 2045-7057)



. Muntazir Abbas, Salman Nisar, Aqueel Shah and Faisal Imtiaz “Effect of T6 Heat Treatment on Mechanical Properties of Ceramic Reinforced Casted Aluminum Alloy” (2015), Iranian Journal of Materials Science and Engineering, Vol:12 (2) , pp: 18-25.

Scopus Indexed.


4. 4.  Mustafa Jan, Saeed Khalid, Akbar Awan, Salman Nisar “Optimization of Injection Molding Process for Sink Marks Reduction by Integrating Response Surface Design Methodology  and  Taguchi  Approach”  (2016),  Journal  of  Quality  and  Technology Management, Vol:12(1), pp 45-79.  

HEC Recognized Journal ‘X’ Category.



Faizan Saleem, Salman Nisar, Muhammad. A. Khan, Sohaib. Z. Khan, Mohammad A. Shiekh  “Overall  Equipment  Effectiveness  of  Tyre  Curing  Press:  A  Case  Study”, (2017), Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering, Vol:23 (1), pp: 39-56.  

Scopus and ESCI



Papers published in conference proceedings

1.  Salman Nisar, M. A. Sheikh, Lin Li and Shakeel Safdar “Evaluation of Minimum Distance for Split Rectangular Beam for Glass Cutting” (2007), pp:143-146, Proceedings of the 35th International MATADOR Conference(Formerly The International Machine Tool Design and Research Conference), Taiwan, China; Publisher: Springer London.


2.  Salman Nisar, Farhan Nazir, Lin Li and M. A. Sheikh, “Thermal and Stress Characteristics in Diode Laser Chip-free Cutting of Glass” (2008), pp:678-687, 27th International Congress on Application of Laser and Electro-Optics (ICALEO), Temecula, CA America, Publisher: Laser Institute of America.


3. Salman Nisar, Lin Li, M. A. Sheikh, and Andrew Pinkerton, “A Comparison of Cut Path Deviation with Continuous and Pulsed Beam Modes in Diode Laser Chip-free Cutting of Glass” (2009), pp:1070-1079, 28th International Congress on Application of Laser and Electro-Optics (ICALEO), Orlando, FL America, Publisher: Laser Institute of America.



Nuri A. Abukhshim, Salman Nisar, M.A Sheikh and Paul T. Mativenga, “Machining of Heavy Tungsten Alloy with Ceramic and Coated Carbide Tools” (2009), Proceedings of the Industrial Engineering Research Conference, Miami, Florida, USA. 1-3 June 2009, Publisher: Institute of Industrial Engineers (IIE)


5.  Abdul Rahim, Aqueel Shah and Salman Nisar, “Comparison in Profile and Lead Variation of Spur Gear developed by CNC Wire-EDM and Hobbing” (2015), pp: 76-81, Proceedings of Energy, Sustainability and Mechanical Design Conference (5th International Mechanical Engineering Congress), Karachi, Pakistan, 9-10 May, 2015, Publisher: Institute of Engineers Pakistan and NED University.

6.   Hamza  Shams,  Sajid  Saleem  and  Salman  Nisar,  Characterization  of  nano-level coefficient of friction of oleophobic and superhydrophobic coatings on 316L SS in harsh conditions, 83rd Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society Southeastern Section, Charlottesville, Virginia, November 11, 2016, Volume 61, Number 19.​

List of courses taught: 

1.      Advanced Manufacturing Processes – UG

2.      Stress Analysis – UG

3.      Finite Element Method – UG

4.      Metrology and Gauging – UG

5.      Manufacturing Systems -  UG

6.      Maintenance and Productivity Improvement - UG

7.      Manufacturing Strategies and Technologies  - UG/PG/PhD

8.      Computer Integrated Manufacturing – UG/PG/PhD