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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Lab Facilities
​Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) Lab
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) embodies three components essential to the implementation of flexible design & manufacturing ... Read More
​Robotics And Automation Lab
The Laboratory carries out sponsored research on systems and large scale networks, such as control systems, communication systems, robotics and manufacturing systems.... Read More 

​Materials Testing Lab

Mechanical testing measures the strength and ductility of materials under various conditions, such as temperature, tension, compression and load... Read More

​Innovative Product Development Lab

Product innovations may be tangible manufactured goods, intangible services, combination of the two... Read More 

​Heat Treatment Lab

The overall purpose of this laboratory experiment is, to explore the effect of heat treatment On the structure of the metal and identify several microstructures.... Read More

​Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) Lab
The tool is designed to be used by students working in pairs, and enables a number of experiments relevant to physics, engineering, and biology. ... Read More
​Work & Method Study Lab

To develop an analytical frame-work, the present study started from a model of the processes involved in designing and evaluating a practical task ... Read More

​Advanced CAD Lab

Computer-aided design is essentially based on a versatile and powerful technique called computer graphics, which ... Read More