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Student Projects

Final Year Projects
S No.
Architecture for web based monitoring and control for home automation.
S/Lt M Bilal PN S/Lt Zeeshan PN
S/Lt Talha Ali PN
Dr Pervez Akhtar
Design and fabrication of micro-controller based data acquisition system based on wireless communication
Mr Khurram
Mr Hasan
Dr Pervez Akhtar
Development of object sensing assembly using image processing
Mr Rizwan Ahmed
Mr Faisal Fazal
Mr Kazim Hussain
Dr Pervez Akhtar
Design and fabrication of RF transmitter for audio/video application .
S/Lt Fahad PN
S/Lt M Tahir PN
Dr Pervez Akhtar
Image data compression in convolution and storage of information applications
S/Lt Tauqeer PN
S/Lt M Usman PN
Dr Pervez Akhtar
Stand alone video communication network.
Mr S Sajjad Raza
Mr Raheel
Mr Irfan Hassan
Dr Pervez Akhtar
Design and simulation of electronic beam steering in multiphase arrays.
Mr M Ali
Mr Adnan Sadiq
Cdr (R) Riaz
Design and fabrication of prototype programmable robotic arm system.
Mr Arslan Ashraf
Mr Waqas Tahir
Mr M Adnan
Mr Nazeer Alam
Development of neural network content based image retrieval system.
Ms Sara Tariq
Ms Ammara Essa
Sq/Ldr (R)
S K Husnain
Design of target tracking using image processing on Mat lab / C language.
Mr Ali Shahid
Mr Usman Ul Haq
Ms Mehvish Zafar
Sq/Ldr (R)
S K Husnain
Design and fabricate a vision based embedded system for number plate recognition.
Mr Saif Ullah Amir
Mr Umer Amir
Mr Fawad Ahmed
Performance evaluation and application of data hiding algorithm.
Mr M Usman
Mr Hassan Sajid
Mr Fawad Ahmed
Development of remote monitoring using wireless networking.
Mr Rafhan Aslam
Mr Shiraz Tahir
Mr Aamir Afzal
Mr Fawad Ahmed
Hash based techniques for image and video authentication
Mr Abdul Basit
Mr S Bilal
Mr Mohsan Nawaz
Mr Fawad Ahmed
Design and development of coin sorting and counting system
Mr M Ahsan
Mr Saeed Khan
Mr Farhan Khan
Communication between two PCs with OFDM technique using DSP kit.
Mr Adnan
Mr M Waqas
Mr M Umar Khan
Lt Cdr Zameer PN
Development of Interactive information display system using touch screen.
S/Lt Saeed PN
S/Lt Sami Ullah PN
Lt Cdr Zameer PN
Development of ultrasonic transducer and its testing as transmitter/receiver.
Mr Hissan Azam
Mr Tahir Jameel
Mr M Usman
Mr Naeem Janjua
Develop an algorithm for processing and analyzing of ultrasonic and microwave signals.
S/Lt Uamer Abbasi PN
S/Lt Wajahat PN
Mr Naeem Janjua
Design and fabrication of computer assisted text to Braille converter .
Mr M Ali
Mr M Tallal Khalid
Mr Naeem Janjua
Design and fabrication of modems for home automation using power line communication.
Mr Faizan Ul Haq
Mr Ghulam Subhani
Mr A Rasheed
Design of PC based DC motor drive.
S/Lt Waleed PN
S/Lt Faizan PN S/Lt Azfar PN
Mr A Rasheed
Design and fabrication of an embedded system for telemedicine using GPRS technology.
Mr Abdul Basit
Mr Abdullah Mansoor
Cdre Dr
Sarfaraz Hussain
TI (M)
To design and fabricate a 3-phase AC controller working as soft starter for a 3-phase induction motor.
S/Lt Arshad Iqbal PN
S/Lt Asif Rasheed PN
Mr Ashraf Yahya
Design and fabrication of controlled current testing unit for Miniature circuit breakers (M.C.B)
S/Lt Atif PN
S/Lt Sikandar PN
S/Lt Abid PN
Mr Nusrat Hussain
Designing and fabrication of 3 phase multi protection relaying device.
S/Lt S Noman PN
S/Lt S Hatim Ali PN
Mr Nusrat
Design, simulation and hardware implementation of CDMA modem.
S/Lt Naveed PN
S/Lt Ammad PN
Mr Junaid
Lt Cdr (R) Abdul Waheed.
GPS based vehicle tracking system.
S/Lt Mubashar PN
S/Lt Shah Faisal PN
S/Lt Junaid Tariq PN
Lt Cdr (R) Abdul Waheed.