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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Akif Nadeem
Department of Electronics and Power Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
PNS Jauhar, Habib Ibrahim Rehmatullah Road,Karachi
Tel : +92-21-4854798

Power System Protection, Electrical Machines, Power Generation & Transmission, Power Distribution & Utilization, Power Operation & Control, Power Electronics, Linear Circuits & Network Analysis, Electronic Devices & Circuits and Electronic circuit design.

MS in Power Systems & Its Automation, NCEPU, CHINA B.E. in Electrical Power Engineering, PNEC-NUST, Pakistan

Engr. Akif Nadeem has more than two years of industry experience working as a professional E & I (Electrical & Instrument) Engineer in Dairy Organization. He has got more than two years of teaching and research experience in national universities. He loves teaching. His current research interests involve study & Analysis of the effects of Power & Instrument Transformers due to the saturation cause by the GIC (Geomagnetically Induces currents),Inrush & DC Offset Currents.
He is a strong supporter for the inclusion of sports activities as a part of academic syllabus. He is fond of writing Novels and short stories on science fiction, Emotions & Empathy. Engr. Akif has also contributed to social and community work among diverse groups of people in Pakistan, China, Sudan, and some African Countries.
o  GIC Effects on Power Transformers
-  Harmonics
-  Saturation
-  Reactive Power Consumption

o  Inrush Currents
-  Differentiation between Inrush & Fault Current
-  Saturation & Asymmetry in Magnetization Current
-  Transfer Characteristics
1.    U. Nasir,H. Xiao,F.Abbas,A.Nadeem,and D.Jadoon. Effects of open & closed loop system of a six pulse three phase controlled rectifier on variation in load firing angle and source inductances. 16th Internation power electronics and motion control conference & exposition PEMC-2014, Antalya/Turkey
2.    M.Taha,F.Abbas,A.Nadeem,D.Yaqoob and S.Malik.  Design of an Efficient Dynamic Voltage Restorer for Compensating Voltage Sags, Swells, and Phase Jumps. 16th IEEE International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference and Exposition, PEMC-2014, Antalya/Turkey
About 2 years of teaching experience in the following universities of international repute (UK, Pakistan)

-  NUST, Karachi, Pakistan
-  NAMAL College Mianwalai (Associate College of Bradford University UK) 

Courses taught: 

-  Linear Circuits Analysis
-  Electrical & Network Analysis
-  Electronic Devices & Circuits
-  Electronic circuit design.
-  Electrical Machines
-  Digital Logic Design
-  Basic Electronics
-  Computer systems & Programming
-  Measurement & Instrumentation
About 2 years of industry work experience as an Electrical & Instrument Maintenance Engineer in one of the reputed dairy organizations i.e. Haleeb Foods Limited.