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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Dr Khawaja Bilal Ahmed Mahmood
Assistant Professor
Department of Electronics and Power Engineering

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC), Habib Rehmatullah Road, Karachi
Tel : +92-21-48503826 (Ext 234)

Microwave Photonics, Millimetre-wave signal transmission over optical fibre (Radio-over-Fiber systems), Photonic devices, Antennas / Antenna Array designing and characterization, Monolithic Semiconductor Mode-Locked Lasers and Next Generation optical comm

PhD Electrical Engineering (University of Bristol), MSc. Electrical Engineering (University of Plymouth),  B.S Computer Engineering(SSUET)

Dr. Khawaja Bilal is an educated and experienced academician and researcher having tertiary education from UK and post-doctoral research experience from Canada, and have about eight years of teaching and research experience at university level. Dr. Khawaja Bilal has an established research profile in the microwave photonics and optical and radio frequency (RF) communication disciplines with 30 research publications in highly cited and peer-reviewed research journals and conferences. He is well-versed with hands-on, project-oriented teaching methodologies. Dr. Khawaja Bilal is currently working as Assistant Professor (tenure-track) and has successfully supervised a number of UG / PG students projects and research thesis respectively.
Dr. Khawaja Bilal has also actively volunteered as a reviewer for a number of international journals and regional and international IEEE conferences. He is a Member IEEE, USA since 2007, Life member Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) and HEC approved PhD. supervisor in Pakistan.

Visiting Research Fellow, Queens University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Faculty Development Course on Effective Research and Teaching Skills, George Mason University (GMU), Fairfax, Virginia, USA​​
-    Microwave Photonics Systems
-    RF Planar Antennas / Antenna Array design and characterization for
-    5G - IEEE 802.11(ac) WLANs
-    UAVs based Flying ad-hoc networks (FANETs)
-    WiMax and LTE frequency bands
-    Wearable antennas for Wireless Body Area Networks
-    Radio-Over-Fiber (RoF) systems
-    Microwave and millimetre-wave Radio-over-Fiber systems
-    High-frequency Mode-Locked Lasers
-    Ultra-fast Optical Communication Systems
-    Photonic devices and their characterization
-    Semiconductors (Photodiodes) and Nano-antennas
1.    Bilal A. Khawaja, M. A. Tarar, T. Tauqeer, F. Amir and M. Mustaqim, "A 1x2 Triple Band Printed Antenna Array For Use In Next Generation Flying Ad-Hoc Networks (FANETs)", Accepted for Publication in Wiley Microwave and Optical Technology Letters, Nov 2015 (ISI Indexed - Impact Factor - 0.623)
2.    A. A. Razzaqi, Bilal A. Khawaja, M. Ramzan, M. J. Zafar, S. A. Nasir, M. Mustaqim, M. A. Tarar and T. Tauqeer, "A Triple-Band Antenna Array for Next Generation Wireless and Satellite Based Applications", In-press, published online in Cambridge International Journal of Microwave and Wireless Technologies (IJMWT), Dec 2014. DOI: (ISI Indexed - Impact Factor - 0.456)
3.    Bilal A. Khawaja and Martin J. Cryan, “Characterization of A Photonic Active Integrated Antenna Using A Direct Off-Air Transmission Technique”, Springer Photonic Network Communications, Vol. 28, no. 3, pp. 232-236, Jul 2014 (ISI Indexed - Impact Factor - 0.750)
4.    T. Tauqeer, M. U. Afzal, H. T. Butt, M. Islam, M. A. Tarar and Bilal A. Khawaja, “Analytical Comparison of Wideband Microstrip Log-Periodic and Co-Planar Waveguide  Antennas”, Wileys Microwave and Optical Technology  Letters, Vol. 56, No. 8, pp. 1854-1860, Aug 2014 (ISI Indexed - Impact Factor - 0.623)
5.    M. Ali, Bilal A. Khawaja, M. A. Tarar and M. Mustaqim, “U-Slot Microstrip Patch Antenna Array for Dual Band Operation In Next Generation Wireless Sensor Network”, International Journal of Sensor Networks (IJSNet), Inderscience Publishers, Vol 14, No. 4, pp. 218-225, Dec 2013 (ISI Indexed - Impact Factor - 0.98)
6.    M. Ali, Bilal A. Khawaja, M. A. Tarar and M. Mustaqim “A Dual Band U-Slot Printed Antenna Array for LTE and WiMAX Applications” Wiley Microwave & Optical Technology Letters, 55, No. 12, pp. 2879-2883, Dec 2013 (ISI Indexed - Impact Factor - 0.623)
7.    Bilal A. Khawaja and Martin J. Cryan, “Study of Link Gain and Locking Range In Hybrid Mode-Locked Laser Based Millimetre-Wave Radio-Over-Fibre System”, Wiley Microwave & Optical Technology Letters, Vol:55, No. 10, pp:2450-2454, Sep 2013 (ISI Indexed - Impact Factor - 0.623)
8.    Bilal A. Khawaja and Martin J. Cryan, “Millimetre-Wave Photonic Active Integrated Antennas (PhAIAs) using Hybrid Mode-Locked Lasers”, Wiley Microwave & Optical Technology Letters, Vol. 54, No. 5, pp. 1200-1203, May 2012 (ISI Indexed - Impact Factor - 0.623)
9.    Bilal A. Khawaja and Martin .J. Cryan, “Millimetre-Wave Radio-Over-Fibre Data Transmission Over Multimode Fibre”, Wiley Microwave & Optical Technology Letters, Vol. 53, No. 2, pp. 254-256, Feb 2011 (ISI Indexed - Impact Factor - 0.623)
10.    Bilal A. Khawaja and Martin J. Cryan, “A Millimetre Wave Self-Oscillating Mixer Using A Mode Locked Laser”,  IEEE Transaction Microwave Theory & Techniques, Vol. 58, No. 11, pp. 3352-3358, Nov 2010 (ISI Indexed - Impact Factor - 2.943)
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12.    Bilal A. Khawaja and Martin .J. Cryan, “Study of Millimeter Wave Phase Shift in 40GHz Hybrid Mode Locked Lasers”, IEEE Microwave & Wireless components Letters, vol. 19, no. 3, pp. 182-184, Mar 2009 (ISI Indexed - Impact Factor - 2.236)
13.    Bilal A. Khawaja and Martin .J. Cryan, “Characterisation of Multimode Fibres for Use in Millimetre Wave Radio-Over-Fibre Systems”, Wiley Microwave & Optical Technology Letters, Vol. 50, No. 8, pp. 2005 – 2007, Aug 2008 (ISI Indexed - Impact Factor - 0.623)

Over 5 years of teaching experience in the following universities of international repute (UK and Pakistan) of two different continents:
-    University of Bristol, Bristol, UK
-    NUST, Karachi, Pakistan

Courses taught:
-    Post-Graduate:
-    RF/Microwave and Antenna Design
-    RF Transceiver Design
-    Optical Communications Systems
-    Advanced Topics in Communications

-    Undergraduate:
-    Communication Systems
-    Signals and Systems
-    RF and Microwave Engineering
-    Data Communications and Networking
-    Digital Logic Design
-    Principles of Digital Communications

2 years of industry work experience in software development using C/VB/VB.Net in Simcon International (Pvt) Ltd, Karachi, Pakistan.