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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Head of Department Message
Electrical Engineering Department Introduction
The Electrical Engineering Department administers the Academic Programs for BE in the disciplines of Electronics, Electrical Power and Telecommunication), MS (Electrical Engineering) with specialization in Control Engineering and Communication Engineering, PhD (Electrical) in specialized fields and mid-career professional courses of WESMC to Weapon Engineering officers. The Department also manages college networking & internet services facility and activities/courses related to computer sciences and information technologies. In addition to the large undergraduate and postgraduate programs, the Department is also actively engaged in R&D activities at graduate and doctoral level.

Bechelor of Engineering in Electrical Power, Electronics and Telecommunication
The BE Electrical Engineering Program is designed to meet the modern trends in the field of electrical technology, encompassing wider technological perspective. The program includes study of engineering core & interdisciplinary, basic sciences & humanities, computer skills, management with blend of design project completion and presentation for useful application. The Program has been designed as per standards and guidelines provided by HEC/PEC. The unification of syllabus in terms of specialization in electronics, power, telecommunication has been introduced to meet the technological challenges, to provide trained manpower for technical solution and to incorporate market trends. The strong element of electrical power enables the graduate engineer to take on his job effectively in power generation and distribution sector. With a significant minor and major design project work, students are able to apply their theoretical knowledge into research and development activities. The electrical engineering labs are equipped with state of art devices and equipment. The electronic engineering specialization is built on strong fundamentals enabling graduates to meet the challenges of contemporary engineering fields of electronics, with engineering foundation. The curriculum lays expertise towards small-to-large scale integrated embedded systems and strong stress on laboratory-work, assignments and final outcome. The telecommunication engineering covers the provision of expertise in wireless communication and advanced technology in terms of security. Computer know-how in engineering studies is essential to work and progress at local area and internet level. The machine human interface is progressively expending so study of control & automation from basic to higher level in this era has become vital. The electrical engineering program is enrich with theoretical engineering concepts & understanding and practical demonstration with wide choices of selection of specialization to continue graduate studies in any part of the world to facilitate students to carry forward graduate and doctoral studies and to promote R&D work. The program is accredited by Pakistan Engineering Council. The quality of academic training is monitored through ISO standards and NUST academic audit guidelines. The students have ample opportunities to perform internships in local industries and equally avail international internships. International student exchange provision is also exercised by the students. The student extra-curricular activities are organized by the various technical and social societies including IEEE-PNEC chapter. The students have very good track record of participating and winning awards and prizes in competitions/ events at inter-college/university level.

Capt Jawad Riaz