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Power Research Laboratory(PRL)


Power research laboratory (PRL) is focused to undertake projects related to power grid, electrical machines, related systems and procedures. The Lab was established in year 2011 and has earned many projects from research funding agencies. The lab has produced many quality publication and is currently involved in developing technologies related to smart grid, internet of things, ICT and communication technologies related to power grid implementation, diagnosis of electrical systems and project related to renewable energy.

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Core Competencies

The core competency areas:

1)    Smart Grid and technologies

2)    Smart Meters

3)    Diagnosis and prognosis of electromechanical system

4)    Machine control

5)    Internet of things

Project Team

The lab is headed by Dr Sajjad H Zaidi, Assistant Professor who has work team comprising of 02 PhD students, 12 MS students, 8 Final year groups of undergraduate students and some volunteers from junior semesters.


Following are few of the major projects being undertaken by the lab Primary projects:

  1. Development of Health Monitoring Systems For Distribution Transformer Using Non-Intrusive And Intrusive Methods


    Sponsoring Organization:    Higher Education Commission

    Funding Amount:                 Rs 4.47 Million


    Using modern monitoring techniques based on current analysis, diagnosis system is being prepared for detection and monitoring of heath status of distribution transformers. Keeping in view present power crisis across the world and rebirth of electrical power system in form of smart grid, the work in progress is of multiple facists. It is not only focused on development of Condition based maintenance (CBM) techniques but also enable more detailed monitoring and control of the distribution system which will be prime aspect of the futuristic smart grid.


    Development of Advanced Metering Infrastructure and Customer Side Systems

    Sponsoring Organization:                US Aid (USPCAS – E)

    Funding Amount:                             Rs 2.89 Million

    Smart power meters are finding their larger market with passing day. With the increase in renewable and distributed generation, the utility of smart meters is on ever wider spectrum. Bidirectional metering, wireless communication, data analysis, customer sider informatics and other features make smart meters an attractive choice for future developments. The Lab is working on development of advance metering infrastructure and customer side system which will be able to meet challenges of modern traits of power system and metering needs.

    Wind Energy Estimation

    Sponsoring Organization:                M/s Renewable Resources (Pvt) Limited

    Funding Amount:                             Data sharing, Field Support, HR advice 

    True and accurate estimation of wind energy is particularly important for power commitment and planning by different stakeholder in the system. The Lab is involved in the development of inhouse algorithm for accurate estimation of wind energy in the wind corridor of Gharro, in collaboration wioth M/s Renewable Resources (Pvt) Limited.

    Three Phase Load Balancing System

    Sponsoring Organization:                M/s Bolts (Pvt) Limited

    Funding Amount:                             Rs 150,000, Field Support 

    Balanced power system causes minimum losses which increases many fold if the system is subjected to imbalance due to improper load distributions. The proposed system will be able to seamlessly balance out connected load in the three phases, while remaining within IEEE standards of switching. The project has achieved prototype working model and is being improved for field trials.

                   Minor Project

a.     Home Area Network (HAN)

b.    Power Line Carrier Communication (PLCC)

c.     Battery Health Monitoring

d.    Economical Dispatch System for Domestic use

e.     Active Power filter

f.     Internet of things (IOT) for Power systems

g.    Machine control for remote operation and monitoring system​

Contact I​information

                   Director                                                                                                                      Deputy Director


                   Dr Syed Sajjad Haider Zaidi                                                                                     Dr Bilal Khan

                   Commander Pakistan Navy                                                                                        Assistant Professor

                    Assistant Professor


Pakistan Navy Engineering College, Karachi

National University of Sciences and Technology, NUST, Islamabad.

Phone:   021-4850-322444

     Cell:  ​     0321-388-8853​​​​