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Communication Engineering Lab

Communication Engineering Lab in PNEC-NUST is one of the very well equipped labs in EPE department. Concepts from Analog to Digital modulation/demodulation can be studied. The recent trend in radio technologies include Software defined Radio can be demonstrated with state of the art SDR equipments. Students conduct experiments in a communication lab where they become acquainted with Digital Oscilloscopes, RF signal generators, spectrum analyzers and Vector Network Analyzer. Measurement of common signals such as sinusoids and periodic square waves are conducted in both the time and frequency domain. The lab also has facility to carry out practical in the domain of Optical communication, and Antennas. The training and experience that EPE students gain in this laboratory enhance their understanding of analog and digital communication systems. This lab has highly advanced Communication training equipments.


​Current Equipment

This Lab houses most sensitive and state of the art equipment to inculcate the concepts of all type of communication system from wired to wireless. Currently here is the list of some of the equipment in Communication Engineering Lab:

Vector network Analyzer (9KHz-8GHZ),

Spectrum Analyzer (9KHz - 6GHz),

RF Generator (9KHz-6GHz),

Software Defined RadioUSRP N210 with UBX RF frontend,

Feedback Antenna Trainer,

Optical fiber Trainer,

Digital Storage Oscilloscope,

Arbitrary Function generator.

Feedback Digital Communication trainer (PCM,TDM, Data Formatting, Sampling, Aliasing, PAM, Digital Modulation and Demodulation ASK, FSK, PSK, QPSK,QAM),

 Feedback Analog Communication trainer (Oscillators, AM, DSB-LC, DSB-SC, SSB, FM) ​​