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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
International Projects

Being one of the world’s leading research-intensive universities, NUST fosters an environment conducive to specialized teaching and targeted research. Now postgraduate students of almost all disciplines at NUST can pursue PhD studies within the university itself. The formation of NUST – Industry linkage has been formally institutionalized in the form of Technology Incubation Centre (TIC) and Science and Technology Ventures (STV), to support the University’s need – based research policy. In these institutions researchers are provided with support in developing and marketing their prototype to interested entrepreneurs. Additionally, a watchdog called Corporate Advisory Council (CAC) has been established by bringing together experts from the academia and commercial organizations to monitor market trends and to recommend current research needs of Pakistan.

Sponsored R&D projects: 

Project Title
College / Institute
Principal Investigator
Sponsored By
Date of Completion
Total Cost (Rs. in M)
Estimation of 3D Tool Wear Based on FEM
Dr. Usama Umer