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Clubs & Societies

Following Student societies are registered with Students Reprehensive Council (SRC), which looks after various issues pertaining to the societies and various events being organized by the societies are also processed through the SRC. PNEC registered societies include; 
  • ASME Society
  • Media Affairs and Communications Society
  • Education and Community Services Society
    PNEC Societies brief description from student’s perspective is as follows;​


    As engineering students, all of us strive to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in technology. We struggle to keep ourselves aware of the happenings around us, to develop our skills for what is required now and what remains ahead in the future.  WE, at IEEE-PNEC, welcome you to a place where you can get, what you either neglected or were unaware of, the X-Factor. Just know the things which would give you an edge over others in the same field as you are in. We invite you to join IEEE-PNEC and hope you have a wonderful time surfing this website!

    ASME Society

    ASME (formed as American Society of Mechanical Engineers), promotes the art, science and practice of multi-disciplinary engineering and allied sciences around the globe. ASME’s student activities are assigned to the Student District Operating Boards (SDOBs) which are institutions in themselves. Under these SDOBs lie the various student sections. ASME-PNEC Student Section (APSS) organizes activities that work to promote the goals of ASME by giving students opportunities for growth. These opportunities include technical competitions, seminars, workshops and trainings at local, national and international levels including soft-skills development through regular in-house workshops.
    Education and Community Services Society (ECSS)
    ECSS – NUST is student society aiming to promote humanity through welfare and volunteer work, encouraging others to do the same. The society aims to revive the spirit in its members, and in the whole community in long run, which is necessary to make them an active participant and a positive contributor to the welfare of their society.
    Media Affairs and Constitution Society (MACS)
    The Society shall be pronounced MACS, short for Media Affairs and Communications Society. The purpose of the society is purely media affairs, communication, event management, publications circulation, invigorating curriculum and no other. In times, it may also revive and organize other societies not pertaining to the main purpose at college level. This doesn’t apply to any technical societies, only those that are non-technical/general in their nature. In such cases, MACS shall only be responsible for keeping the dormant societies active. All such societies shall be independent in their mode of action and event, but will be a subordinate to MACS from the date of revival and onwards. Hence, catering to the society needs is the responsibility of MACS.