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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Message from Principal
PNEC from its initial beginnings as an engineering school that was established back in 1962 and affiliated with NED University Karachi, has transformed and transitioned into a large constituent campus of National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST); serving as an iconic centre of excellence in engineering education. Extending the frontiers of education, PNEC started MS program in 80s and PhD program in 2000.  It was the first NUST constituent college from where PhD scholar graduated under NUST. Moving with the time, PNEC continues to offer and add more disciplines to its fold.​  What distinguishes PNEC from others is our research throughout which is more focused towards application, providing solutions to technological challenges facing the organizations. Research projects from Pakistan Navy, ICT R&D, HEC, Maritime Security Agency, to name a few. I stand convinced that has all been realizable because of our dedicated and qualified faculty who have been inspiring and mentoring students. Our graduates and their successful careers are further evidences to the quality of training and mentoring they have received being a student at this university. With global footprint, our alumni extends to the stretches of the world.

Cognizant of PNEC legacy that is a source of great contentment, I am fully mindful of the vision that a leader in my capacity must possess in order to enable the students, faculty and staff to pursue an even more ambitious and innovative agenda. With a view to to enhance the pedestal of this College, I have chalked out my areas of priority focus: restructuring PNEC through better all-inclusive infrastructure, value-addition in our engineering programmes and postgraduate studies, augmenting solution-oriented research, revitalizing the international academic and industry linkages, strengthening the financial status, and greater participation of our students in societal and sports event of repute. Through my concerted efforts towards these aspects and with the continuing support of my faculty and staff, we shall continue creating an environment for our students that inspires them to discover their engineering potential in the most congenial environments. We will continue to expand the dimensions of learning, discovery, innovation and change by desiring unique perspectives, enriching experiences and strategic initiatives.

Every college or university has a culture that develops with time as the institution ages and matures. In all diversity, however, there is one common ground, to aim for academic excellence. With this as a driving force, and with the availability of resources, any institution can achieve the goal of providing the best education, and producing the best engineers, scientists, scholars and above all knowledge based citizens of Pakistan and the planet we live in.

Commodore Kamran Ahmed SI(M)