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Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC)
Commandants History
At the time of independence, Pakistan Navy did not have any suitable institution for the training of its technical officers. Since none of the engineering colleges of the country offered naval oriented curriculum. Therefore, an exclusive institute named “Officers Training Section (OTS)” was established at PNS KARSAZ in 1962. It was gradually equipped with suitable training aids and re-designated as Pakistan Navy Engineering College (PNEC) in May 1967 and affiliated to University of Karachi for the award of BE (Mechanical) and BE (Electrical) degrees to PN graduates. In March 1977, the college was affiliated with NED University of Engineering & Technology Karachi. The facilities at KARSAZ became scarce with the introduction of GL Scheme of training and increasing number of foreign trainees each year. Therefore, a project of comprehensive, purpose-built and independent PN Engineering College was launched and in this regard, construction of various buildings/blocks of PNEC at current location was commenced in 1980.
Subsequently, a fully equipped PN Engineering College was commissioned as PNS JAUHAR on 7 September 1982 by the then Chief of the Naval Staff, Admiral Karamat Rahman Niazi HI(M) SJ. Captain (later Commodore) Qaiser Mahmud was appointed as its first Commanding Officer. Postgraduate courses were introduced in 1988 and admission facility was also opened to civilian candidates as well. Some officers of EME branch of Pakistan Army also underwent degree courses at PNEC. In 1995, it became the constituent college of National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST) and in 1998, PhD programme also commenced at PNEC. The College acquired ISO-9001 certification in June 1999 and became the first educational institution in Pakistan with such certification. Over the years, the institution has made tremendous progress and is now considered as one of the leading engineering institutions of NUST as well as the country. The College has also the pride to train a large number of naval officers from Bahrain, Qatar, Palestine, Libya, Saudi Arabia and several other Muslim countries. Total 9 commanding officers and 20 commandants have led the PNEC to date.
History of PNEC Commanding Officers & Commandants
Capt Qaisar Mahmud_01.jpg
Capt Qaisar Mahmud PN 
1st Commanding Officer of PNEC and college started functioning as an independent establishment in Jan 1982
(Aug 1981 - Jul 1983)
Cdre Sohail A Khan_02.jpg
Capt/Cdre Sohail A Khan
2nd Commanding Officer (He promoted to the rank of Cdre on 26 May 84)
(Jul 1983 - Jul 1984)
Cdre Javaid Ali S Bt_03.jpg
Cdre Javaid Ali S Bt 
 3rd Commanding Officer​
(Jul 1984 - Jul 1986)
Cdre Hassan M Ansari S Bt 
 4th Commanding Officer​
(Jul 1986 - Dec 1986)
Capt Shaikh Mushtaq Ahmed PN
5th Commanding Officer 
(Dec 1986 - Jan 1988) 
Cdre Hassan M Ansari S Bt 
6th Commanding Officer 
(Jan 1988 - Jan 1989)
Capt Safir A Mallal TI(M) PN 
7th Commanding Officer 
(Jan 1989​ - Nov 1990) 
Capt/Cdre Ejaz Hussain
 8th Commanding Officer (He promoted to the rank of Cdre on 14 Aug 92)
(Nov 1990 - Feb 1993)
Capt Naseem Butt PN
9th Commanding Officer 
(Feb 1993​ - 1996)
Cdre Anis ur Rehman S Bt
10th Commanding Officer in Jul 1994  and became first Commandant of PNS JAUHAR/PNEC
(1996​ - Aug 1997)
Capt/Cdre Nisar Ahmad
2nd Commandant (He promoted to rank of Cdre on 28 Feb 98)
(Aug 1997​ - Jun 1999)
​Cdre Khalid Wasim SI(M)
3rd Commandant
(Jun 1999 - Oct​ 2001)
Cdre M Qasim Janjua TI(M) 
 4th Commandant
(Oct 2001 - Jul 2002)
Cdre M Saeed Qureshi SI(M) 
 5th Commandant
(Jul 2002​ - Jul 2004)
Cdre Tahir Wasim SI(M)
6th Commandant
(Jul 2004 - Jul 2006)
Cdre Mumtaz Ul Haq SI(M)
 7th Commandant
(Jul 2006​ - Sep 2007)
Cdre Syed Imdad Imam Jafari SI(M)
 8th Commandant
(Sep 2007 - Jul 2009)
Cdre Ahmed Raza SI(M)
 9th Commandant
(Jul 2009​ - Jul 2010)
Cdre Jawwad Hussain SI(M)
10th Commandant 
(Jul 2010​ - Jul 2011)
Rear Admiral Syed Imdad Imam Jafari SI(M)
11th Commandant and he became first Commandant of PNEC/PNS JAUHAR of the rank Rear Admiral
(Jul 2011 - Jul 2013)
Cdre Zahid Iqbal SI(M)
12th Commandant 
(Jul 2013​ - Jul 2015)
Cdre/Rear Admiral Dr. Nassar Ikram SI(M)
 13th Commandant (He promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral on 31 Mar 16)
(Jul 2015​ - Apr 2017)
Cdre Habib Ur Rehman SI(M)
14th Commandant 
(Apr 2017​ - Jul 2017)
Cdre/Rear Admiral Imran Ahmad SI(M)
15th Commandant (He commanded the unit as Cdre till 19 Jul 17 and promoted to the rank of Rear admiral w e f 27 Jul 17)
(Jul 2017 -  Mar 2018)
R/Adm Imran Ahmed SI(M) 
16th Commandant 4th Rear Admiral as Commandant PNEC
(Mar 2018 - May 2018)
Cdre Habib Ur Rehman SI(M)
17th Commandant
(May 2018 - Jul 2018)
R/Adm Adnan Khaiq SI(M) SBt 
18th Commandant and as 5th Commandant PNEC of the rank Rear Admiral
 (Jul 2018 - Nov 2018)
​Cdre Habib Ur Rehman SI(M)  
19th Commandant
(Nov 2018 - Aug 2020)
commodore Kamran Ahmed-29.jpg
 ​​Cdre Kamran Ahmed SI(M)  
20th Commandant
(Aug 2020 - to-date)