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Hobby Day 2015
Start Date 
End Date 
Engineering Wing Lawn, Military College of Signals

Hobby Day in MCS was held on 20th March 2015. The activity was aimed to boost creativity among students and also to encourage them to adopt constructive hobbies. More importantly it was aimed to provide a forum for students willing to display their unique interests / hobbies. Details of this event are as follows:

​S.No. ​Timing ​Event
​1 ​1400 - 1500 hrs ​Setting of Stalls
​2 ​1600 hrs Arrival of Chief Guest
​3 ​1600 - 1645 hrs Visit of Stalls
4 ​1645 - 1715 hrs ​Prize distribution ceremony
​5 ​1715 - 1815 hrs Hi - Tea


  • All Colleges of NUST
  • MCS Faculty Members, Students
  • Families of Faculty Members and married students
  • Category of Stalls:

  • Creativity (Sketches, painting and engraving etc)
  • Collection (Stamp Collection, Coin Collection, Pets, Books Collection, Antique Collection, Paintings Collection, etc)