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An Invited Talk on Freelancing and Entrepreneurship
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Department of Computer Software Engineering


  • Mr. Khaqan Mehmood (MCS Alumni, Entrepreneur)
  • Conducting Officers:

  • Asst. Prof Dr. Tauseef Ahmed
  • A member of the Military College Signals Alumni, Mr Khaqan Mehmood, was invited for a talk on Freelancing and Entrepreneurship by our HOD Dr. Aadil Masood. The lecture was delivered free of cost and it was open for all. The Speaker discussed various ideas of how to become an entrepreneur initially and guided the students through various ideas and real life examples. He motivated the students to work on their own instead of finding a job for themselves.  He also enlightened the students about his own work and struggle, his ideas and how he was able to implement them in the best way possible. This interesting Lecture was attended by more the 90 Students. After the lecture, Mr. Khaqan Mehmood also interacted with the students in a casual manner and answered to their queries in a very satisfactory manner.