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Student Projects

​Thesis Title Researcher​ ​Supervisor

Analyzing Encrypted Speech

​Sqn Ldr Liaqat Ali Khan

​AVM (R) Dr. Shamim Baig

Robust and Low Latency Security Framework for IEEE 802.11 Wireless Networks​

​Cdr Muhammad Junaid

​Dr. Muid Mufti

Key Management In Wireless Sensor Networks​

​NC Firdous Kausar

​Brig Dr Ashraf Masood

Algebraic Cryptanalysis of Stream Ciphers with Non-linear Update

​NC Mehreen Afzal Brig ​

​Dr Ashraf Masood

A Software for Testing Random numbers Sequences

Lt Col Masood Sadiq

Dr Tasneem M. Shah

Design and Analysis of Non-Linear random Sequence generator

Lt Col Masood Ahmed

Lt Col (R) Syed Javed Hussain Bangash

Integration of data encryption and image processing

Lt Col Farooq Siddique

Arfan Ali Khan

Design and Analysis of an Attack Resistant Authentication Protocol.

Lt Col Sajjad Amin

Lt Col ® Javed Iqbal Zahid

Taxonomy of Cryptanalysis in Pakistan Based on the experience of Allied Cryptanalysis efforts During World War-II

Lt Col Zaka Ur Rehaman

Mr Irfan Ali Khan

Design and Analysis of Symmetric Cryptographic Algorithm based on 256-bit key length or greater for Computer Communications

NC Talha Muhammad

Lt Col ® Javed Iqbal Zahid

Design and Development of Key Distribution Protocol


NC Syed M Junaid Shah

Dr Tasneem M. Shah

 ​Information theoretic Analysis of Data Represented in Roman Urdu Against Normal English


NC Arshad Ali

Lt Col ® Javed Iqbal Zahid

Evaluation of Different Symmetric Key Cryptographic Algorithms and Design a New Data Encryption Algorithm

Lt Col Syed Tahir Hussain Shah

Brig M Akber

Study and implementation of “Encapsulation Security payload (ESP) in tunnel Model

Lt Col Majid Ameen

Brig Dr Ashraf Masood

Design and Analysis of Stream ciphers based on clock controlled shift register sequences.

Lt Cdr Amjid Javed

Mr Arshad

Design and development or real random sequence generator for OTP class of cryptographic system

NC Saadat Hussain

Lt Col Ahesn Saeed Zaidi

Development of SW based Encryption/Decryption crypt system based on a Symmetric Cryptographic Algorithm

Lt Col Adnan Mazhar Tipu

Air Commodore Waqar Sami Khan

High Volume Secure Video Stenography Design and development of Real Random sequence generator for OTP class of Cryptographic System

Sqn Ldr Asad Amir Pirzad

Col Raja Iqbal

Development of Key Management System for IP Sec protocol

Sqn Ldr Ajmal Saeed Mian

Brig Dr Ashraf Masood

Designing a Symmetric Cryptographic algorithm conforming the requirements of security simplicity and efficiency made by national institute of standards and technology (NIST)

Lt Cdr Muhammad Junaid

Air Commodore Waqar Sami Khan

Analysis and Simulation of DoS Attack Detection Algorithm using Dependency and Correlation

NC Abu Baker Ilyas

Dr M. N Jafri

Performance Analysis of IPSec in Wired and Wireless Networks

Sqn/ Ldr Maj Anwar Ali

Maj Imran Rashid

Techniques of Physical Side Channel Crypt Analysis

NC Atiqur Rehmand

Air Cdr ® Dr Saleem Akbar

Role Based Access control modeling in an educational environment (Using the CODIS frame work)

NC Muhammad Luqman Dar

Lt Col ® Syed Javed Hussain

Analyzing the Effectiveness of IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN standard’s Security Mechanism

NC Muhammad Umar Ilyas

Dr Muid Mufti

A Key Management Scheme based on Random Key Distribution for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks

NC Firdous Kausar

Dr Ashraf Masood

Algebraic Attack on A5-type Irregularly Clocked Key Stream Generator

NC Mehreen Afzal

Dr Ashraf Masood

Internet Cookies Threats to Privacy Consequences and Their Remedial Measures

NC Juniad Miraj

Lt Col ® Syed Javed Hussain

Security in GPRS

Lt Cdr Imran Ishaq

Lt Col (R) Muhammad Saleem

Performance and Security Analysis of IEEE 802. 1x Authentication Methods

Maj Muzammil Ahmed Khan

Dr Shoiab A Khan

Reducing the Overhead Cost for Different Mobility Models in Ad hoc on Demand Distance Vector (AODV) Protocol

Maj Baber Sarwar Kawish

Dr Shoiab A Khan

Authentication in Multi hop Wireless Mesh Networks

Maj Kaleem Ullah Khan

Brig Dr Muhammad Akhabar

Analysis and enhancement of security framework of IKE Protocol for IPSec-based Networks

Dr M.N Jaffri

Dr M.N Jaffri

Factoring RSA Public Key (Integers) and the effect of using different Polynomial Selection methods on General Number Field Sieve (GNFS) algorithm

NC Waqas Ahmed

Dr Saeed Murtaza

A Secure Private Key Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks with Node Revocation and Sleep State Consideration: Implementation and Performance Evaluation against existing Schemes and Security Analysis against different Attacks

NC Attiya Akram

Dr. Tariq Maqsood

A Secure End-to-End Public Key Architecture for Wireless Sensor Networks

NC Ayesha Naureen

Dr. Tariq Maqsood

Analyzing Power Save Mode of IEEE 802.11 Wireless LAN Standard for Identity Vulnerabilities and Finding a Solution to PS-Poll Based Denial of Service Attacks

Maj Zafar Iqbal Qureshi

Brig Dr Younus Javed

VolP Security: Analysis of VolP traffic and development of Generic Technique to detect VolP protocols

Sqn Ldr Fauzia Idrees

Dr. Fauzan Mirza

Analysis of Network traffic for the detection of VolP traffic and to facilitate further the detection of Skype VolP traffic

NC Uzma Aslam Khan

Dr. Fauzan Mirza

Resolving the Authentication-Connection Association Problem in Port Knocking & Single Packet Authorization based Dynamic Firewalls

NC Muhammad Tariq

AVM (R) Dr. M.Shamim Baig

Performance Enhancement of Signature-based Network Intrusion Detection System

NC Muhammad Tariq Saeed

AVM (R) Dr. M.Shamim Baig

Embedding Security in Software Defined Radio

NC Muhammad Usman Shahid

Lt Col Dr Shoaib A Khan

Enhancement of security framework of Mobile Agent Based intrusion detection system

Lt Cdr Muhammad Aslam

Dr Shoaib A Khan

Mobile Adhoc Networks – A Secure and Efficient Key Management Scheme

Maj Syed Azhar Mahmood

Dr M.N. Jafri

Efficient Implementation of Spread Spectrum Based Steganography

Sqn Ldr Muhammad Ashraf

Air Cdr ® Dr Saleem Akbar

Defining Wireless Network Security Policy for Defense Organization and Integrating BLP Model in the Policy for Access Control

NC Adnan Abbas

Dr Shoab A Khan

Protecting Network Services by Large-Scale Simulation of Hybrid – Interaction Decoys

NC Syed Yasir Masood

Maj Dr M. Naveed

Security of 802.11i Based WLANs

Sqn Ldr Mansoor Ahmad Khan

Sqn Ldr Amir Hasan

Augmented Security in 802.22 Mac laver Protocol

NC Rakhshanda Shaukat

Dr Shoab Ahmad Khan

Security Enhancements for Privacy and Key Management Protocol in IEEE 802.16 e-2005

NC Aysha Altaf

Brig Dr M. Younis

Rabbit Based Light Weight Encryption Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network

NC Ruma Tahir

Brig M Younis Javed

An Extended Secret Sharing Scheme for Authentication

NC Rabia Sirhindi

Dr Saeed Murtaza

Policy Driven Military Security Architecture

Sqn Ldr Muzammil Khan

Lt Col Dr Shoaib A Khan

Security Analysis and Optimization of Interleave Division Multiple Access for Multimedia Transmission

Asma Bashrat

Dr Saeed Murtaza

Detecting Null Cipher Steganography in Plain Text Using Probabilistic Approach

NC Muhammad Abdullah

Brig Dr Mukhtar Hussain

A Technique To Discourage The Relay Attack on CAPTCHA

NC Samin Jan

Dr Saeed Murtaza

A New Cryptographic Based Authentication Mechanism Using Efficient Irreducible Polynomials

NC Adnan

Dr Saeed Murtaza

High Interaction Honeynet Architecture and Deployment for Enterprise Network

NC Muhammad Zeeshan

Lt Col Dr M Arif

Security Enhancements to Counter DoS Attacks In IEEE 802.16 Based Networks

NC Sheraz Naseer

Lt Col Dr Shoaib Ahmad Khan

Adding Security Against Insider Attacks in Semi- Structured Mobile Ad Hock Networks

NC Muhammad Zeshan

NC Muhammad Zeshan

Authenticated Encryption in Wireless Sensor Networks Using eStream Ciphers

Maj Shakil Ahmad

Lt Col Dr Muhammad Arif Wahla

Security Analysis of Ultra-Lightweight Cryptographic Protocol: Gossamer Protocol

Sqn Ldr Zeeshan Bilal

Brig Dr Ashraf Masood

Hardware- Based Random Number Generation In Wireless Sensor Networks

NC Rabia Latif

Brig Dr Mukhtar Hussain

Fault Tolerant Secure Routing In Cluster Based Mobile Sensor Networks

NC Usama Ahmad

Lt Col Dr Muhammad Arif Wahla

A Solution For Detection And Prevention Of Wormhole Attack In MANETS

NC Sana Ul Haq

Asst Prof Dr. Faisal Bashir

Circumventing Sinkhole And Selective Forwarding Attacks In Wireless Sensor Networks

NC Khurram Gulzar Raza

Asst Prof Dr. Faisal Bashir

Secure and Efficient Transport for Downstream Communication in Wireless Sensor Network

NC Qaisar Shafi

Asst Prof Dr. Faisal Bashir

A Secure RFID Architecture For Supply Chain Hierarchy

NC Nauman Abdullah Shah

Lt Col Dr Muhammad Arif Wahla

User Web Activity Monitoring

NC Kamran Ahmad

Brig Dr Mukhtar Hussain

A Secure Group Re-Keying Scheme with Compromised Node Revocation in Wireless Sensor Networks

NC Asma Khalid

Brig Dr Mukhtar Hussain

Secure Routing and Broadcast Authentication in Heterogeneous Sensor Network

NC Asma Abid

Brig Dr Mukhtar Hussain

Cryptanalysis of M-209 and Similar PIN Wheel Cipher Machines

NC Madiha Haider Syed

Asst Prof Dr Fauzan Mirza

Analysis of Windows Registry to Trace User Activity

NC Muhammad Yasin

Lt Col Dr Muhammad Arif Wahla

Use of Constrained Levenshtein Distance (CLD) in Cryptanalysis of Modern Clock- Controlled Structures

Mujahid Mohsin

Dr. Fauzan Mirza

Design of an Efficient Distance-Bounding Protocol to Counter Relay Attacks in Resource Constrained Low Cost RIFID Systems.

Mudasar Mushtaq

Lt Col Dr. M. Arif Arif Wahla

Secure Key Establishment & Mutual Authentication in Wireless Private Area Networks – SKEMA.

Waqas Aman

Asst Prof Dr. Faisal Bashir

Smart Card Based Anonymous Authentication Scheme for Wireless Communication Networks

M. Asif Khan

Brig(R) Dr. Ashraf Masood

Attacks on Bluetooth Security Architecture and Its Countermeasures

Mian M. Waseem

Col Dr. Faheem Arif



A Control Framework for OPENID

Moeen Qaemi Mahmoodzadeh

Asst Prof Dr. Haider Abbas

Digital Forensics of Virtual Machines

Ijaz Ahmad

Lt Col Dr. M. Arif Wahla

Digital Forensic Analysis of IPHONE

Waqas Ali Khan

Col Dr. Faheem Arif

Elliptic Curve Based Signcryption and Its Multi- recipient Schemes for Firewall Implementation

Farhan Ahmad

Dr. Mehreen Afzal

Tweakable Enciphering Schemes

Reeda Iftikhar Kianee

Dr. Mehreen Afzal

Designing Optimized Watermarking Technique For Relational Databases to Prevent Rewatermarking

Sabah Suhail

Col Dr. Faheem Arif

Key Management in WiMAX Mesh Network


Usman Ahmad

Asst Prof Dr. Haider Abbas

A Compact And Area Efficient Sms4 S-Box For Masking

​Imran Hafeez Abbasi

​​ Dr. Mehreen Afzal

Identification Of Users’ Data Privacy Issues And Preservation Of Users’ Data Privacy In A Eucalyptus Supported Cloud Computing Environment

Adeela Abbas

​​ Asst Prof Dr. Haider Abbas

Algebraic Cryptanalysis of Trivium and Grain Stream Ciphers Using Sat Solvers

Ammara Ali

​​ Dr. Mehreen Afzal

Forensic Analysis of  IIS 7

Saneeha Khalid

​​ Asst Prof Dr. Haider Abbas