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Student Projects
Thesis Title Researcher​ ​Supervisor
Protection of web applications against data stealth attacks by crawlers and web scrappers NS Jamal Ahmed Dr. Imran Rashid
Defence against PUE attacks in Cognitive Radio Networks: a game theoratic approach NS Saim Abdul Khaliq Dr. Faisal Amjad
Building a framework based on an open source malware forensic technique NS Naeem Amjad Dr. Faisal Amjad
Security for Vmware Virtualized Data Center NS Fazeel Ali Awan Dr. Imran Rashid
An Invisible Non-Blind Color Image Watermarking Scheme. NS Ramsha Ahmed Dr. Abdul Ghafoor
ICMetric Based Secure Communication NS Shahzaib Tahir Dr. Imran Rashid
Pakistan’s Cyber Space Security - Critical Analysis and Countermeasures NS Narmeen Shafqat Dr. Ashraf Masood
Feasibility Analysis for Incorporating/deploying SIEM for Forensic Evidence Collection in Cloud Environment NS Muhammad Irfan Dr. Imran Rashid
Effect of Primary User Emulation Attack on Primary User Activity NS Ayesha Naeem Dr. Imran Rashid
Correlation Power Analysis of Modes of Encryption NS Shah Fahd Dr. Mehreen Afzal
Analysis of In-Application Advertisements for Safeguarding Android Users from Embedded Adware NS Anum Javaid Dr. Imran Rashid
Development of Cybersecurity Learning Platform for SMBs NS Aasia Sana Dr. Baber Aslam
Detection of Distributed Denial of Service Attack on vehicular Adhoc Networks using very fast decision tree. NS Amman Durrani Asst Prof Dr. Seemab Latif
Increase the entropy of True random number generator NS Qaiser Khan Dr. Mehreen Afzal
Impact of VM Based Side Channel Attack on DEPSKY Multi Cloud Model NS Haider Ali Khan Khattak Dr. Imran Rashid
Development of an improved reversible image watermarking scheme NS Rida Samee Dr. Abdul Ghafoor
Development of Cyber Security Training Program for Academic Community – A Role-Based Approach NS Sajjal Akram Dr. Baber Aslam
Securing Computer Networks Using Cyber Analytics NS Hafsa Hafeez Dr. Baber Aslam
Framework for effectively establishing, implementing and operating security operations centre in closed IT organizations in order to provide proactive monitoring, threat awareness and reactive capability to the organizations Ali Rashid Mahmud Dr. Imran Rashid
Intrusion Detection in Cloud Computing. deel Rasheed Minhas Dr. Imran Rashid
Security Architecture of inter-connected smart devices – An Analysis of security issues with solutions Bilal Javed Dr. Imran Rashid
Risk Assessment in Single Domain Multi Site Information System Muhammad Imran Javed Dr. Imran Rashid
Privacy and Security in Cloud Computing Nasir Raza Dr. Imran Rashid
Cyber Security Strategy for Pakistan Muhammad Irfan Afzal Butt Dr. Baber Aslam
Analysis of Security Weaknesses in NFC Applications on Android and Propose Policy Framework for Adoption Naveed Ashraf Chattha Dr. Imran Rashid
Behavioral Model to Study Impact of power Amplifier Non Linearity on Optimal Resource Allocation Usman Mehmood Malik Dr. Imran Rashid
Study the impact of linear processing on performance of massive multiple input multiple output MIMO with imperfect CSI and Inter Cell Interference conditions Muhammad Usman Shah Dr. Imran Rashid
Coalition Formation Game for heterogeneous spectrum sharing in Cognitive Radio Networks M. Naveed Ul Haq Dr. Faisal Amjad
A State of the Art Anomaly IDS for Hypervisor. Muhammad Intisar Ullah Khan Dr. Faisal Amjad
Algebraic Side - Channel Attack on Stream Ciphers Asif Raza Kazmi Dr Mehreen Afzal
A critical analysis of various web domains in Pakistan - anomalies and Countermeasures Muhammad Sohaib Khan Dr. Imran Rashid
Framework to Mitigate Security Vulnerability (Denial of Service (DOS)) of Session Initiation Protocol / Voice over Internet Protocol (SIP/VoIP) Saqib Khalid Dr. Imran Rashid
Forensic Analysis of Drives Encrypted with Windows Bitlocker Kunwar Sharoon Jiwan Mall Dr. Imran Rashid
Military Information Systems Security Architecture (MISSA): A Framework for Layered Protection Sadia Mazhar Dr. Faisal Amjad
Forensic analysis of the self developed RAM Resilient Malware tool kit NS Hareerah Rafaqat Dr. Imran Rashid
Forensic investigation of social messaging applications on Android devices NS Ayesha Arshad Dr. Abdul Ghafoor
Automatic detection of stenographic images to facilitate decoding NS Muhammad Sadiq Khan Dr. Abdul Ghafoor
Reverse Engineering Alternate Data Streams to detect secret communications NS Khaula Khawar Dr. Faisal Amjad
security model for android smartphones dual persona NS Khushboo Siddiquie Ashraf Masood
Analysis of Hardware Rooted Security system Implementation in Mobile Devices. NS Naveeda Zeeshan Asst Prof Rabia Latif
Security Assessment of Telecom Infrastructure Against Cyber Espionage Attempts NS Sidra Mehreen Dr. Imran Rashid
A computational Forensic Framework for Detection of Hidden Applications on Android NS Tahira Rasul Asst Prof Rabia Latif
Security Analysis of Kleptographic Algorihms NS Anum Sajjad Dr Mehreen Afzal
Security framework for Enterprises to counter sensitive Data exfiltration by Insider Attacks NS Amna Zahid Dr. Imran Rashid
Secure Encryption Scheme for Querying without using Trusted Third Party NS Alina Javaid Dr Mehreen Afzal
Critical Security Analysis of Android Version 6.0 NS Muhammad Noman Afzal Asst Prof Rabia Latif
An approach to Secure Federated Cloud Identity management system NS Ali Hassan Asst Prof Rabia Latif
Handling Malicious Insiders in an IoT Based on Cloud eHealth care Environment NS Afsheen Ahmed Asst Prof Rabia Latif
Access management in ubiquitous E-Health Care environment NS Muhammad Umair Aslam Dr. Baber Aslam
Forensics of IP based Security Surveillance Cameras NS Rashid Masood Khan Dr. Faisal Amjad
A Corporate level novel method of decentralized authentication for secure cloud data sharing NS Subas Khan Dr. Imran Rashid
Forensic Analysis of Web Browsers in Smartphones (Android) NS Muhammad Asim Dr. Faisal Amjad
Sensors Data Acquisition and Transmission Protection in eHealth care System NS Muhammad Yaseen Dr. Imran Rashid
Privacy Preservation for Data Storage in e- Healthcare Environment NS Muneeb Ahmed Sahi Dr. Imran Rashid
Distributed denial of Service (DDOS) Attack detection Using Flow based Detection Techniques NS Faraz Akhtar Dr. Faisal Amjad
Router Forensics NS Aoun E Muhammad Dr. Faisal Amjad
Android Device Protection through Machine Learning Techniques NS Anam Mehtab Dr. Faisal Amjad
Forensic Analysis of Tor browser NS Abid Khan Jadoon Dr. Faisal Amjad
Formulation of national strategy for cyber security capacity building NS Maryam Khalid Asst Prof Rabia Latif
An enhanced digital investigation approach for verification of an offense under pakistan cyber crime law-2016 NS Zaib Un Nisa Hafeez Asst Prof Rabia Latif
Ransomware forensics NS Muhammad Arif Dr. Faisal Amjad
Defining antiforensic standards for Ext4 file system NS Moeed Hussain Dr. Imran Rashid
ZeuS Botnet: Malware Analysis and its Detection NS Muhammad Rehan Khan Dr. Faisal Amjad
Cyber Attacks Trend Analysis in Educational Sector using Distributed Honeypots NS Muhammad Haseeb Jalalzai Dr. Baber Aslam
R-ELK Stack for Log Analysis via Customized IDS Signatures NS Hassan Ishfaq Dr. Baber Aslam
Metamorphic techniques and their application on Havex Malware NS Zainub Mumtaz Dr. Mehreen Afzal
Forensic Analysis of Solid State Drives NS Sidra Sohail Dr. Baber Aslam
Forensic Analysis of Windows 10 Metro Ul Apps for User Privacy and Data Integrity Violations NS Farhad Hussain Jamali Dr. Faisal Amjad
Data Recovery in Cloud based Hypervisor Virtual Machines NS Syed Fawad Ali Shah Asst Prof Rabia Latif
Cyber Security Sensitization: A Case Study of Adolescents in Pakistan NS Syed Usman Ali Shah Dr. Baber Aslam
System Engineering Security Framework for analyzing and combating cyber threats on Big Data NS Zoha Jamshed Asst Prof Rabia Latif