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Military College of Signals  (MCS)
Narmeen Shafqat
Department of Information Security

National University of Sciences and Technology (NUST)
Military College of Signals, Humayun Road, Rawalpindi.
Tel : 051-9240952

Cyber Security

MS Information Security (NUST, Pakistan)

Narmeen Shafqat received her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical (Telecommunication) in 2013 and MS in Information Security in 2016 from NUST- MCS with gold medal. She acquired several Information Security trainings from USA including Information Design Assurance Red Team (IDART), Training on Forensics and Malware Analysis from Sandia National Laboratories, USA, and Cyber Executive Training from Monterey Institute of International Studies, MIIS, USA. Her research is focused on, but not limited to; global cyber laws and strategies, network security, penetration testing and malware analysis. 

Narmeen started her professional career as Research Fellow/ Team Lead with a national R&D organisation. She has also served as Project Manager and Senior Information Security Officer for a US-based telemedicine company. Since Oct 2016, Narmeen is associated with MCS NUST as Lecturer in the Department of Information Security. Currently, she is serving as Coordinator for the National Cyber Security Auditing and Evaluation Lab (NCSAEL NUST) and also for the Signalianz Alumni Association.

Her research areas include,

  • Network Security
  • Cyber Risk Management/ Vulnerability Assessment
  • Cyber Security and Laws
  • Malware Analysis

Publications Journals

  • Narmeen Shafqat, Abdul Rauf, Ashraf Masood, “Cyber Security: An Essential Element of National Security”, Pakistan Army Green Book, 2019, HEC Approved Journal

  • Tahreem Yaqoob, Haider Abbas and Narmeen Shafqat, “Integrated Security, Safety, and Privacy Risk Assessment Framework for Medical Devices,” in IEEE Journal of Biomedical and Health Informatics. {SCI Impact factor: 3.85, JCR-RANKING Q1}

  • Naveeda Ashraf, Ashraf Masood, Haider Abbas, Rabia Latif, Narmeen Shafqat, “Analytical Study of Hardware-Rooted Security Standards and their Implementation Techniques in Mobile Devices”, Telecom Systems, Springer, Impact Factor: 1.527

  • Tahreem Yaqoob, Azka Arshad, Haider Abbas, Faisal Amjad and Narmeen Shafqat, “Framework for Calculating Return on Security Investment (ROSI) for Security Oriented Organizations,” in Future Generation Computer Systems (Elsevier), 2019.{SCI Impact factor: 4.639, JCR-RANKING Q1}

  • Saim Bin Abdul Khaliq; Muhammad Faisal Amjad, Haider Abbas, Narmeen Shafqat, Defence Against PUE Attacks in Ad hoc Cognitive Radio Networks: A Mean Field Game Approach, Telecommunication Systems – Springer, 2018 {SCI Impact factor: 1.527, JCR Q3}

  • Narmeen Shafqat, Ashraf Masood, “Comparative Analysis of Various National Cyber Security Strategies”, International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security, IJCSIS (USA), Vol 14, Jan 2016 (Scopus)

  • Narmeen Shafqat, Baber Aslam, Forensic Investigation of User’s Web Activity on Google Chrome using Open-source Forensic Tools, International Journal of Computer Science and Information Security, IJCSIS (USA), Vol 13, Sep 2015 (Scopus).

Book Chapters:

  • Saman Bashir, Haider Abbas, Narmeen Shafqat, Waseem Iqbal, Kashif Saleem, “Forensic Analysis of LinkedIn’s Desktop Application on Windows 10 OS”, ITNG 2019, 16th International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations, Las Vegas, IEEE

  • Noor ul Ain Ali, Waseem Iqbal, Narmeen Shafqat, “Analysis of Windows OS's File Carving Techniques: A Systematic Literature Review” ITNG 2019, 16th International Conference on Information Technology: New Generations, Las Vegas, IEEE.

Conference Papers:

  • Rida Zojaj Naeem, Haider Abbas, Narmeen Shafqat, Kashif Saleem, Waseem Iqbal, Framework for determining Applications authenticity, The 16th International Conference on Mobile Systems and Pervasive Computing (MobiSPC), August 2019, Halifax, Canada

  • Tahreem Yaqoob, Faiza Mir, Haider abbas, Waleed bin Shahid, Narmean Shafqat and Muhammad Faisal Amjad, Feasibility Analysis for Deploying National Healthcare Information System (NHIS) for Pakistan, 19th International Conference of E-health Networking, Application & Services, IEEE Healthcom, 2017, Dalian, China

​Teaching following courses at MCS:
  • Network Security
  • Vulnerability Exploitation and Defense
  • Computer and Communication Networks
  • Digital Logic Design
    • Project Manager/ Information Security Executive, goMD, USA
    • Research Fellow/ Team Lead, NRTC, Pakistan