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Electromagnetic Research Group for Microwave and Millimeter-wave Applications


It is the time of Microwave and Millimeter-wave Technology. The satellite communications and the electronic warfare has moved to the range of microwave / millimeter-wave region. Device and the subsystem designers are developing the necessary hardware elements to meet the challenges of the time. Electromagnetic Research Group for Microwave and Millimeter-wave Application at Department of Electrical Engineering, Military College of Signals, National University of Sciences and Technology is also focused on the same track working towards the design, simulation, fabrication and characterization of antenna, microwave / millimeter-wave circuits for communication /satellite communications and radars.​

Research Areas

  • ​Microwave & Millimeter-wave Circuit Design
  • Antenna design at Microwave frequency.​
  • Group Members

    ​S.No. ​  Name Qualification​  Specialization​  C​ontact Details​
    1.​ ​Dr. Farooq Ahmed Bhatti​ (Group Head) ​Post-Doc
    ​Microwave / Millimeter-wave circuit design​ ​Office Tel: 8006-33225
    2.​ ​Lecturer Danish Ilyas ​MS ​Telecomm Engineering ​
    ​3. ​Lecturer Maryam Rasool ​MS ​Telecomm Engineering ​
    ​4. ​Zarkhitab ​Ph.D Student ​Microwave/ antenna ​​

    Research Facilities​

  • Post Graduate
  • RF and Microwave Research lab
  • Satellite Communications Lab
  • Under Graduate
  • Microwave Teaching Lab 
  • Research Projects

    ​S.No. ​Proj​​ect Title ​Name of PI & CO-PI ​Sponsored By ​Cost (PKR) ​Status ​Impact
    ​1. ​Establishment of Antenna Design lab at MCS ​Dr. Farooq Ahmed Bhatti ​- ​- ​- ​-
    2.​ ​Development of Antenna measuring System at MCS ​​Dr. Farooq Ahmed Bhatti ​MCS ​Loan of Rs. 1.5 Million ​Completed ​-
    ​3. ​Development of Millimeter-wave Technology at MCS ​Dr. Farooq Ahmed Bhatti ​- ​- ​In Progress ​-
    4.​ ​Development Microwave Communication Frant end Receiver for 5 GHz Applications ​Dr. Farooq Ahmed Bhatti ​- ​- ​- ​-




  • Antenna Measurement and Training Systems for UG Lab has been developed and 5 Systems have been provided to Antenna UG Lab of MCS.
  • Contact of Focal Person​

    Dr. Farooq Ahmed Bhatti,
    +92 333 5177375