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Communication and Network Security


The Communication and Network Security research group at Department of Electrical Engineering, NUST Military College of Signals concentrates on research activities related to innovative design, analysis and simulation of communication systems as well as analysis of networks to enhance security. The main focus lies on areas such as analog and digital communication systems design, channel coding, network coding, information theory, crypt analysis and secure network protocols. Research horizon of the group is enhancing and developing with the teaching relevant courses, cutting edge research and conduct of projects in the field.

Group Head

 Dr. Imran Rashid

 Email :

 Tel : 051-9240952


  • Dr. Ashraf Masood
  • Dr. Abdul Rauf
  • Dr. Baber Aslam
  • Dr. Adnan Ahmed Khan
  • Dr. Adnan Rashdi
  • Engr. Humayun Sattar
  • Engr. Raja Iqbal
  • Engr. Umar Khalid
  • Engr. Faisal Akram
  • Research Students


  • Aisha Zulfiqar
  • Mehwish Iqbal
  • Saba Rabab 
  • Research Facilities

    The research activity is supported by the following labs and their significant lab equipment.

    Communication Systems and Software Defined Radio Lab

  • CMT -5000s
  • OK 6410 Arm 11 Board With 7" TFT LCD
  • WIFI Module for OK 6410
  • CMOS Camera Module for OK 6410
  • GPRS Module for OK 6410
  • GPS Module for OK 6410
  • SIMCOM GPS Module SIM 18
  • SIMCOM RF Module SIM 20
  • Microcontroller Kits QK 202
  • DSP Kits TMS 320C6713 DSK
  • USRP
  • FPGA Spartan 3-E 500
  • FPGA Spartan 3-E 1600
  • FPGA Vertix-5
  • RFID Reader/Writer Serial
  • RFID Reader/Writer USB
  • Fingerprint Reader Serial
  • Fingerprint Reader USB
  • Beagle Board
  • DSP Teaching kit
  • Cortex A 8 development Board
  • Spectrum Analyzer
  • Osciloscope 50 MHz
  • Function Genrator GFC-8020H
  • Function Genrator SFG-830
  • Frequency Counter
  • Mobile Communication GSM Trainer
  • Digital Exchange Trainer
  • Top Max Universal programer
  • Multi Max Universal programer
  • U V Eraser
  • Microwave Communication Lab

  • Vector Network Analyzer – 10 MHz to 20 MHz
  • Signal Generator – 9 KHz to 2000 MHz
  • Frequency Counter
  • V.N.A – 3000 KHz to 3000 MHz
  • Spectrum Analyzer – 9 KHz to 26.5 GHz
  • Spectrum Analyzer -9 KHz to 30 GHz
  • Function/Arbitray Waveform Generator 80 MHz
  • Signal Analyzer – 20 Hz to 26.5 GHz
  • Projects

  • Research projects of undergraduate and graduate level completed as well as under process are mentioned below :
  • GSM Landline Switch
  • Implementation of 4G Based VOIP on MIMO OFDM Sys Based on SDR
  • Development of Software Defined Radio (SDR) Lab
  • Denial of service to a GSM network
  • Development of Dual Band GSM Jammer
  • Development of NGN-Test Bed
  • Localization of GSM Devices in the intended Area
  • Collaborations



    Communication and Network Security research group is has its credit, a large number of undergraduate projects and postgraduate research thesis. The group is also working on the development of laboratory trainer. 


    1. Imran Rashid, "Impact of M2M Traffic on LTE Data Traffic Performance", 4th International Conference on Dynamics in Logistics (LDIC), Bremen, Germany, 10-14 Feb, 2014.

    2. Imran Rashid, "Gaussian Multiple Access and Broadcast Channel Duality Comparison of Discrete Constellations", Wireless Telecommunications Symposium (WTS-2014), Washington DC, USA, 9-11 April, 2014.

    3. Imran Rashid, "A Q-Learning Approach for optimization of interference constellations in Femto-Macro cellular architecture in downlink", accepted for publication in 6th International Symposium on Communication, Control and Signal Processing (ISCCSP-2014), Petras, Greece, 21-23 May 2014.

    4. Imran Rashid, "Large Scaled Multi-User MIMO System so called Massive MIMO Systems for Future Wireless Communication Networks", 19th International Conference on Automation & Computing, Brunel University, London, UK, 13-14 September 2013.

    5. Imran Rashid, "Impact of Massive MIMO Systems on Future M2M", IEEE 11th Malaysia International Conference on Communications, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia MICC-2013, 27-28 Nov, 2013.

    6. Security Requirements Specification Framework for Cloud Users Rida Naveed, Haider Abbas, 2014

    7. Towards a methodology for validation of centrality measures in complex networks Komal Batool, Muaz A. Niazi, 2014

    8. Load Balanced Routing for Lifetime Maximization in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks Saifullah Khalid, Ashraf Masood, Faisal Bashir Hussain, Haider Abbas and Abdul Ghafoor, 2014


    Dr. Imran Rashid

    Email :

    Tel : 051-9240952