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Completed in Year 2011

List of Final Year Projects completed by students in year 2011:

  • Biologically Inspired Robot 
  • Design & implementation of Telecardiac systems
  • Design and implementation of Remote Energy Monitoring System
  • Differential golbal positioning system transmittor
  • Ground base GPS (Receiver Side) 
  • Self Balancing Human Transporter (Inverted Pendulum) 
  • Voice Encryption for Senao sets
  • Speaker Recognition System for security applications
  • Novel UWB-Based Through-the-wall imaging System
  • Desing and Implementation of microwave Beamformer varactor base phase shifter
  • Electromagnetic Energy harvesting
  • Design and Implementation of OFDM transceiver on FPGA Survillence
  • Computer controlled tunable micro-strip patch antenna
  • Medical Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Development of a Manet Testbed
  • NGN
  • 3D Through the wall microwave imaging
  • Object tracking UGV
  • Image processing
  • Video Tagging
  • BCI
  • Biometric vein identification and authentication system implementation 
  • Face Detection System