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Completed in Year 2010

List of Final Year Projects completed by students in year 2010: 

  • Design & Implementation of TETRA & FHMA Sys & their Interroperability in P.25 enviroment.
  • Interoperability between WiFi  and GSM systems
  • Video Surveillance System
  • Video Transmission over MIMO based SDR system
  • Design of a Software Based Platform of an Intelligent Autonomous Multisensor Robocar
  • Design and Implementation of Software Defined Radio for Surveillance Applications
  • Timing Synchronization in Multi-Antenna System using Preamble Auto-Correlation
  • Design and Implementation of a Hardware Platform for Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Synchronous free digital scrambling sysem for narrowband wireless application.
  • Speech Recognition
  • Diploe Segmentation in a T1 Weighted 3D MR Image of Human Head
  • Through the Wall, Microwave Imaging Radar
  • Design and Development of a Cooperative MIMO based SDR system
  • Implementation of IDMA System using Labview on NI PXI-1045
  • Interoperability TETRAPOL and EDACS using labview
  • Smart antenna system for dynamic tracking of active targets
  • Reconfigurable Anetnna for RF Front End System
  • Noise Removal and Data Transfer on HF Radio Set PK-786
  • Development of a Driver's Drowsiness Detection System
  • Comparison of Routing Protocols,Multimedia Sensor Networks
  • Simulation of Advanced Encrypted TETRA Physical Layer for End to End Secured Wireless Comm
  • Performance Analysis of Routing Protocols of Mobile Adhoc Networks (MANETs)
  • Security and Surveillance System
  • Fingerprint Verification System
  • Performance Enhancement Optical Loop Tester (OLT)
  • Implementation of Linear Transformation Cryptography and its Key Exchange
  • Implementation and performance of Space Time Trellis codes in MIMO using Labview Platform
  • Novel UWB-Based Through-the-wall imaging System
  • Biologically Inspired Robot