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Completed in Year 2009

List of Final Year Projects completed by students in year 2009: 

  •  Adaptive MIMO-OFDM Communication with CSI at the Transmitter
  • Performance Analysis  of MIMO detection using the Sphere decoder and its Variants
  • Implementation of a Cognitive Radio System for Dynamic Spectrum Access
  • Performance Analysis of Turbo Codes in MIMO Systems
  • Tactical Packet Radio
  • Simulation of Diversity, Multiplexing and Switching between them in MIMO-OFDM System
  • Development of protocol analyzer for signaling
  • Mosaicing of Orthorectified images taken by UAV
  • Emulation Of Cooperative Communication Systems On DSP Boards
  • Implementation of Turbo Encoder and Decoder in Interleave Division Multiple Access using Equal and Unequal Power Allocation
  • Development of a Cognitive Platform based on Software Defined Radio
  • Implementation of DS CDMA
  • Think Done! A Brain Computer Interface (BCI)
  • Design and Implementation of an Optical loop Tester (OLT)
  • Multiclass Optical Orthogonal Codes for Optical CDMA
  • Analysis of error correction code in OFDM Transciever
  • Enhancing the security features of WiMAX (IEEE 802.16d) using Channelized and layered encryption algorithm.
  • Implementation of Reconfigurable Audio Filter Using FPGA
  • Telemtry Using GSM Systems
  • Data Transmission through Sound Waves using Code Division Multiple Access Technique    
  • GSM Intercepter
  • Audio Test Bed
  • Wireless Display System