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Completed in Year 2006

List of Final Year Projects completed by students in year 2006: 

  • FPGA Based, Mode Convertor, Intelligent Traffic Control System
  • Design and Simulation of QAM Modem
  • Remote Monitoring and Control Through SMS
  • Design, Generation and Implementation of a  Network Analysis Tool
  • To Design a  Simulate and Implement a Communication System Based on Multi Carries CDMA
  • To Design a Tool for  Optimization and Troubleshooting GSM Networks
  • Universal Intellegent Source Coding Detector
  • Detection and Tracking of a Target in Received Signal Pattern of a Pulse Doppler Radar
  • Pakistan Army Radio Frequency Analysis and Management System (PARFAMS)
  • Bandwidth Efficient OFDM Communication System
  • Design, Development and Implementation of Computer Virus Weapon (CVW) Technology Based on Distributed Electronic Warfare (EW) Agents
  • PC Based Broadcast Receiver
  • Implementation of Turbo Encoder and Decoder
  • Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum using Direct Digital Synthesis.
  • Implementation of a Real Time Smart Antenna System
  • Modification of Network Fillgun Adapter of 9600 Series Radio Set
  • Communication Between Two PCs Through Cordless Telephone System
  • Ascertaining Whether Data is Scrambled and Establishing the Type of Scrambling used
  • Network Intrusion Detection using Wavelet Neural Network
  • Simulation and Implementation of GSM Speech CODEC using Matlab and TMS 320C6711 DSK
  • Implementation/Simulation of a Universal Modulation Identifier with Frequency Extraction and Demodulation System