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Completed in Year 2005

List of Final Year Projects completed by students in year 2005: 

  • RF Based Moving Target Chaser
  •  Digital Design of Data Acquisition Card for IBM PC using UART-232 
  •  RF Propagation Characteristics and Model Tunning/Customization
  • Trellis Coded Modulation Implementation on FPGA
  • Design and Implementation of Campus Wide Paging System.
  • Performance Analysis Of Adaptive Equalizers Using MATLAB And Their Implementation on DSP Processors
  • Real Time OFDM Modem
  • Extension of the Pange of PATCOMS Analog Number upto 25-30 KMs
  • Design And Implementation Of Wireless Subscriber Link
  • Design and Implementatoin of A Soft PABX-Call Switching From PSTN Exch to PC using VolP.
  • Design And Development of Direct Sequence CDMA Based Secure Comm OVER VOICE.
  • Intelligent Error Correction Communication (COMMINT) System
  • Melp Vocoder and its real time implementation on DSP boards.
  • RF Based Wireless Digital Data Link
  • A real Time "Universal Demodulator" Using DSP Based Platform System For Communication Intelligent (COMMINT) System.
  • I/O Parallel Port Interface Card for IBM PC.
  • Wireless Message  Communicator
  •  Optimal Communication Design