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Completed in Year 2004

List of Final Year Projects completed by students in year 2004: 

  • Image matching and retrieval system using object shape & structure
  • Design and implementation (simulation) of QPSK.
  • Finger Recognition using neural networks.
  • Implementation of AES for secure data transmission through FSK modem using PRC 113.
  • Video mosaicing & digital elevated models for extracting 3D information.
  • Design & construction of a 3D object profile scanner.
  • Real time implementation of software, radio. (SDR)
  • Interface of CPX 200/1 using line driver modem on WD-1/TT Wires
  • Real time implementation of block ciphering (AES) on DSP (TMS 320 C31)
  • Video compression using MPEG-4 video codec and transmitting the compressed video over the Network.
  • Interface ANTPQ-36 radar with computer and calculating FAN angle, displaying on digital map
  • GPS based personal location system (PLS) using PRC-77 as comm system.
  • Simulation in MATLAB & Implementation in ‘C’ language of an OFDM
  • Speech compression and implementation / analysing using MATLAB.
  • Design and implementation of GPS receiver.
  • Development of robust, text independent speaker recognition system.
  • Design and implementation of a CDMA based communication link, employing  DSP Board for receiver’s baseband processing.
  • Location prediction in mobile network using neural network
  • Optimizing and porting of H.284 (ITU-T video standard) video decoder for DSP processor
  • Turbo equalization (channel coding and equalization all jointly optimized)
  • Implementation of IEEE 802-16 "Wireless MAN", standard  (Air Interface for broadband wireless access systems on LINUX OS)
  • Design & implementation of Freq Hopping modem for wireless personal communication