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Completed in Year 2003

List of Final Year Projects completed by students in year 2003: 

  • Electronic private automatic branch exchange (PABX)
  • Wireless Laser Link
  • Intelligent surveillance system
  • Development of an image based automatic target recognition system.
  • Channel estimation and equalization of asymmetric digital subscriber
  • Understanding of Dual Rate Coding of Speech at 5.3 Kbps and 6.3 Kbps and its simulation in Matlab
  • Development of automatic speaker recognition system using neural networks
  • software Radio Implementation of TDMA Transceiver
  • Microcontroller based home security system
  • Remote Radio Monitoring System using DTMF
  • Speech coding at 8 K bit/sec using conjugate structure. Algebraic - Code-Exited Linear- Prediction (CS-ACELP)
  • Real time implementation of PC based echo cancelation system
  • HDSL Modem
  • Software simulation of Discrete multitone modem
  • Target tracking through image processing
  • Encrypted data transmission through PCs on HF/VHF link