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Completed in Year 2002

List of Final Year Projects completed by students in year 2002: 

  • Speech compression using MBE and interfacing with VSAT.
  • Digital interface for PATCOMS.
  • Infrared sensing remote surveillance system.
  • Designing, modeling and simulation computer modeler and implementation mac sublayer protocols.
  • Automatic of inquiry of PBX in exchange.
  • Coding of speech at 8kbits/s using conjugate-structure algebraic-code-excited linear-prediction (CS-ACELP) and implementation in MATLAB.
  • Integration of Voice, Video and data.
  • Call automation at MD-110.
  • Laser levelling system.
  • HDSL Code Converter.
  • Computer controlled tracking System.
  • Cmda BASED communication system core design using forward channel of TIA 15-95.
  • Design & Implementation of mobile network using cordless phones.
  • Echo cancellation and double talk detection for VOIP.
  • Simulation of 3G mobile system.
  • Design and simulation of 3G, AMR speech codec.
  • Real time processing of ADSL modem.
  • Implementation of convolution encoding and viterbi decoding.
  • Spread spectrum transceiver.
  • Short range laser communication.
  • Voice / Data transmission on PSTN of PC- Interfaced sensors Notification Server