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Completed in Year 2001

List of Final Year Projects completed by students in year 2001: 

  • Digital wireless Xmn & reception using multiplexing & de-multiplexing        
  • Wireless sound ranging sys        
  • Micro controller based fire alarm system.        
  • 2.048 MbPS HDB/AMI line code converter         
  • Sign language decoder         
  • Noise source cryptographic key generator        
  • Optical Tracking System        
  • Polarization Controller in Optical Comm Sys        
  • Development of a verification and debugging tool for PTL codes in Verilog HDL using co-simulation with C language model.         
  • Implementation of V-32 Modem standard using the Texas instrument DSP TMS320C5X.        
  • Line Echo cancellation in VOIP system.        
  • Designing of a prototype using ADPCM         
  • Design and demonstration of a multichannel speech compression system as per ET standard.         
  • Motion and sound detection security system using lazer.         
  • PRC-77 interfacing with line exchange (E-DAP)        
  • Polarization state analysis of an optical signal        
  • Optimization software BSS network dimensioning and link